Petition of ‘No Confidence’ in Mike Conaway

Hood County TEA Party

Vote of No Confidence – Mike Conaway (R-Tx) US House District 11

No Confidence

 At no time in our history has Liberty in this country been under greater assault by our own Federal Government than at the present day.  Our country is headed for $20 Trillion in national debt.  We have record numbers of unemployed which include millions not even counted in the workforce anymore.  The Federal Regulatory Agencies routinely trespass on our God Given Rights.  As seen by the recent IRS abuses, EPA over reach, DHS violations through the TSA, and too many others to name.  Along with that our National Security is now the joke of the world.  Children freely cross our border without concern of arrest and deportation not to mention terrorists from Radical Islamic areas of the world.

With all that going on our Congressional Representative, Mike Conaway, has aligned himself with the Progressive Leadership of the Republican Party which has refused to utilize the power we granted them through the Constitution to put a stop to this insanity.  They continue to Fund an out of control Federal Leviathan.  They also refuse to Impeach corrupt officials that violate our Rights.  He recently voted in favor of a 2 year budget deal that takes away any hope of the people of District 11 exerting any control over this National Train Wreck.  We are now effectively a District without Representation in the Federal Government.  This is the most insidious form of Tyranny.

Based on these unacceptable circumstances we, The Hood County TEA Party, are calling on all voters of US House Congressional District 11 to sign on to our petition of ‘No Confidence’ in Mike Conaway.  Along with that we hope that you would refuse to donate to his re-election efforts as well as scrutinize those who do fund his re-election campaign and let them know that your displeasure with his record.

Our District is overwhelmingly one of the MOST Conservative in the nation but Mike Conaway REFUSES to represent our voice.  While this is a non-binding petition it can send a CLEAR message that this district has had enough and will no longer tolerate lack of Representation and our Rights being trampled on.

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan

President – Hood County TEA Party

Please join our attempt to get Representation back into US Congressional House District 11 by signing our petition:



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Open Editorial to the Hood County News


Eagle Watch Modern

Open Editorial to the Hood County News – 10/23/2015

While unfortunate that I was unable to attend the Commissioners Court meeting discussing the Library Policy changes I have caught up on what transpired then and what has been written again by this Newspaper.  Since you have seen fit to call out myself and my organization I feel compelled to respond to your dire warnings to the public about our intent going forward in Hood County Politics.  I’ll address several issues as briefly as possible.

First and foremost, the issue with the Library is most certainly not settled.  That may be much to the dismay of our Hood County PUBLIC SERVANTS but if they don’t like that then they are free to leave public service.  The issue with the Library has not been about Banning Books but who controls the Library.  Do the Hood County Taxpayers control the entity they fund with their hard earned tax dollars or is it controlled by a group of UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS.  While I personally am not convinced that this issue is settled, your paper fails to note that many of the changes that were made to the Policy Manual were driven by our organization.  The most notable of which was that this Library had been allowed to practice Religious Discrimination for YEARS and neither your poor excuse for investigative news nor our Poorly Educated Public Servants had even paid attention to it.

While your organization continues to portray this about freedom of speech NO ONE said you can’t write certain books, NO ONE said you can’t publish certain books, and NO ONE said you can’t sell certain books.  The issue is when a government entity TAKES hard earned tax dollars and refuses to allow citizen input into how that money is spent then there is a clear violation of RIGHTS.  The Library Director has aligned herself with the American Library Association and their recommended tactics to smear and belittle anyone who disagrees with her opinion of what material should be in the Library and where it should be placed.  And now we have on RECORD a vote where our PUBLIC SERVANT COMMISSIONERS and others are aligned with the ALA as well.  Most notably are Commissioner Berry, Commissioner Deaver, and School Board Member Mickey Shearon.  All have further political ambitions in this county and the voters should understand clearly where these gentlemen see their obligations (clearly not with defending your God Given Rights).

This leads me into addressing your warning to Hood County Voters to pay attention to our motives in upcoming elections.  As you correctly note there are a number of elected positions on the ballot this cycle.  Local elected offices have been usually ignored, much to the detriment of the local communities.  Look no further than Detroit, Michigan as an example.  In the 1950’s it was one of the wealthiest cities in the WORLD.  Just a few short decades later it is bankrupt.  Why?  The people stopped participating and the corruption and incompetence set in with the local officials.  I hope never to see that happen here but look no further than the incompetence that is taking place just at the County Level.  In an economy where 94 million people are unemployed, the local, state, and Federal debt loads are at RECORD levels, the oil prices that drive the Texas economy are collapsing what has happened?  Our illustrious County Commissioners and County Judge have mismanaged a boondoggle YMCA project to the tune of ~$700k.  They have increased taxes on already stretched thin taxpayers by 7%.  They voted themselves raises when most families are underwater due to inflation and other economic factors.  So pardon me if I don’t sympathize with your misleading characterization that when I want them to stand on principles and fight for our Rights when necessary it will wind up costing the taxpayer BIG money.  (To which your representation on the amount paid out over Katie Lang is also Inaccurate but when it’s the HCN real facts are unimportant I guess)  The fact that no one has been watching the store so far has already cost the Taxpayer MILLIONS unnecessarily.  The sole reason for the lawsuit payout that you cite was once again the voter was duped into voting for a Democrat running as a Republican who neither understands our Rights, the law, or Negotiation.  The County Attorney, by her own admission, contacted the plaintiff and begged mercy then recommended surrender to a weak commissioner’s court before the fight began.

So let’s get to the point.  The intent of the TEA Party is to find Competent Principled Leaders to run for office and hold true to their commitments of smaller government that wastes less of our money and protects our Rights.

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan

Hood County TEA Party President

Eternal Vigilance




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Honoring the Hood County TEA Party Founders!

Honoring Our Founders

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Highlights of our October Meeting

Meeting Highlights Oct 2015

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September 2015 Meeting – Video

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UNA – USA: Propaganda Organization for the United Nations


Jim Logan

September 23, 2015

Many would probably wonder ‘What is the UNA-USA?’  Well last night it made its first attempt to come to Granbury.  They not only came to Granbury but the Hood County Library was the site of their attempt to gain enough support to start a local chapter in Granbury.  So here is a little run down of what is important to know about the UNA-USA:

  1. They were founded in the 1940’s to provide education, policy and advocacy programs to the American Public for the United Nations.
  2. They have 120 Chapters across the United States
  3. Fortunately at this time they only have 3 Chapters in Texas
  4. According to the presentation they hope to attract children from Junior High up to College to volunteer and participate in UN Activities
  5. For a membership fee you can have special access to numerous United Nations related activities

So at the end of the presentation you might ask what is wrong with this organization.  Well I took a little deeper dive and here is what I found.  Here is a summary of their Advocacy Goals for 2015:

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Hood County Library Policy

2015 08 25_8C04_Library 2015 HCL Policies and Procedures

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August 2015 Meeting – Video

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Christian Values Summit 2015 Summary Notes

Jerry Maston

Christian Values Summit Organizer – Jerry Maston

Notes Compliments of Jan Vernon – Hood County Tea Party Member

Christian Values Summit  July 16-17, 2015

These are from imperfect notes that were taken during the conference.  Thank you for your interest and I hope they are faithful to the speakers.  The only additions to their words were to put in Bible verses referenced for clarification or to find quotes/ information that were on the slides.  If words were added it was to make more coherent short references that had been jotted down.

It is my belief, after listening to all the excellent speakers, that the purpose of the conference was to awaken Christians, especially pastors and political leaders, and to have them realize that for the Christian community the focus has shifted in this country.  We are now on defense and losing ground unless we all:

1) show up (to support Christians who are fighting for our values and at local political entities to let them know Christians are awake and going to hold them accountable. Show up to vote and get other Christians to do so- see Laurence White speech)

2) Stand Up (the very first freedom listed in Constitution is religion- freedom of religion not freedom from religion in government.  One of many perversions of our Founders’ actual intent and Constitution’s content. Find Godly people to run for office and support them with your time and effort)

3) Speak up (in a way that shows you know what you were guaranteed in the Constitution and that you value it and will fight to preserve it.  Be able to give an answer why you believe in Christian principles needing to be protected in the government or they will soon be gone. Ex: the right to petition the government is Biblical.

This is a huge problem, but you eat an elephant one bite at a time so help Americans to get to it)  It is not hopeless.  81% of Americans believe in right of conscience.  Let’s harness that support. God says my people perish for lack of knowledge.  We have been on autopilot too long and we need to learn again how to fly the plane.

Thank you again for your attention

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November 2015 Monthly Meeting – Loren Spivack

November 2015 Flyer Final

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