Christian Values Summit 2015 Summary Notes

Jerry Maston

Christian Values Summit Organizer – Jerry Maston

Notes Compliments of Jan Vernon – Hood County Tea Party Member

Christian Values Summit  July 16-17, 2015

These are from imperfect notes that were taken during the conference.  Thank you for your interest and I hope they are faithful to the speakers.  The only additions to their words were to put in Bible verses referenced for clarification or to find quotes/ information that were on the slides.  If words were added it was to make more coherent short references that had been jotted down.

It is my belief, after listening to all the excellent speakers, that the purpose of the conference was to awaken Christians, especially pastors and political leaders, and to have them realize that for the Christian community the focus has shifted in this country.  We are now on defense and losing ground unless we all:

1) show up (to support Christians who are fighting for our values and at local political entities to let them know Christians are awake and going to hold them accountable. Show up to vote and get other Christians to do so- see Laurence White speech)

2) Stand Up (the very first freedom listed in Constitution is religion- freedom of religion not freedom from religion in government.  One of many perversions of our Founders’ actual intent and Constitution’s content. Find Godly people to run for office and support them with your time and effort)

3) Speak up (in a way that shows you know what you were guaranteed in the Constitution and that you value it and will fight to preserve it.  Be able to give an answer why you believe in Christian principles needing to be protected in the government or they will soon be gone. Ex: the right to petition the government is Biblical.

This is a huge problem, but you eat an elephant one bite at a time so help Americans to get to it)  It is not hopeless.  81% of Americans believe in right of conscience.  Let’s harness that support. God says my people perish for lack of knowledge.  We have been on autopilot too long and we need to learn again how to fly the plane.

Thank you again for your attention

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