Hood County TEA Party 2016 Voter Recommendations


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Hillary Clinton – Career Criminal (In case you forgot all the corruption the first time she was in the White House)

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Continued Concerns Over Ignorance in Our Election Process


Several months back the Hood County TEA Party tried to bring to the attention of the Hood County Election Commission and Hood County Commissioners Court concerns over possible problems with Electronic Voting.  At that time both Darrell Cockerham, County Judge, and Jenise Miller, Election Administrator, pled ignorance (perhaps willful) to any issues and stated that they were following the Secretary of State recommendations.  At the conclusion of that meeting neither individual followed up on their promise to investigate further.

It has recently come to my attention that there are continued issues within the Election Administration office for Hood County.  An issue was brought to Jenise Miller’s attention that the staffing of the polling locations was not following recommended guidelines from the Secretary of State.  It is also widely perceived that Jenise Miller shows favorability to the Democrat Party.  As can be attested too by the fact that it appears she has used the tactic of loose coordination with the Propaganda Minister from the Hood County News, Kathy Cruz, to site that she is in disagreement with the recommendation since it is not ‘fair’ to the Democrats.

It appears that Ms. Miller has also used a Democrat tactic of continuing to contact the Secretary of State’s office until she ‘allegedly’ got an answer that coincided with her point of view.  The first two times their office told her she was incorrect but the THIRD time was the charm and the one which she is running with.

I am aware that the Republican Party of Texas has requested the Secretary of State to provide an official ruling on whether she is in compliance with their directives.

Since Hood County Government has shown a track record of blatant indifference to complying with the codes of the State I would ask all members to contact the Secretary of State’s office at the number below and request their office expedite their ‘official’ ruling on whether our Election Administrator is performing her job within the guidelines of State Code.

Elections Division

Secretary of State

P.O. Box 12060

Austin, Texas 78711-2060

Phone Numbers 1.800.252.VOTE (8683)


And just for good measure I encourage the membership to Contact the Willfully Ignorant Judge Cockerham and let him know you are not amused by his preference for ‘fairness’ as much as whether we comply with the State Codes (ie the Law)!

Judge Cockerham


Ph: (817) 579-3200


Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan

President Hood County TEA Party

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Exposing the Lilliputians of Hood County….now known as Social Media Trolls and their Minions

Some of you may have read Gulliver’s Travels in high school or seen the various screen adaptations in the past but some may not have forgotten one of the points Jonathan Swift was making with the story.

One of the unique terms to come out of the book was Lilliputians.

By the time Jonathan Swift had finished Book I there was a stark contrast drawn between the diminutive, petty, and sometimes vicious politician (Lilliputian) and the normal but sometimes gullible person (Gulliver). The politician was always portrayed as the midget in contrast to Gulliver.

Its focus was to denote how petty and small the politicians had become in relation to the average person. Well since the Hood County TEA Party has become more active in local political issues the premise of Jonathan Swifts book has played itself out tenfold. There has been no more glaring example of this than the recent decision by the Hood County TEA Party’s VP, Dave Eagle’s decision to run for G.I.S.D. School Board.


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Our Mission

To unite like-minded citizens to stand up for our God given Rights, educate the People on the Rule of Law, actively engage in restoring our Constitutional Republic, and protect the future of this country as One Nation Under God.forefather-emblem-2

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Membership Chair – Marti Barber

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Hospitality Chair – Donna Thompson

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Board Member At Large – Susan Meyer

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Board Member At Large – Melanie Graft


Member Since:

Reason for Joining the TEA Party:

Melanie Graft is the wife of Mike Graft and mother to three small children.

Born in California, raised in Wisconsin and blessed to move to Texas in 1999, she resides in Granbury Texas.

In May of 2015, she found herself in the middle of heated debate over LGBT children’s books after a regular visit to the library with her four-year-old daughter. While visiting the library her daughter picked up a book, entitled, This Day in June. This book is a picture book for ages 4-8 of an LGBT pride parade. Her daughter unfortunately opened to the page with 2 men kissing and Melanie was left to explain this. After a simple request to have the book and several others like it in the children’s section of the library moved to a more appropriate area she was thrown into a media frenzy and personally attacked by the head librarian, ACLU, ALA, county commissioners and county judge. The county commissioners court ruled against parental rights and age appropriateness. This has inspired Melanie to speak to others to inform them on how to locate these books and how to stand against the LGBT agenda and defend our children’s innocence. She hopes to encourage and inspire others to take a stand for our children.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, weight training, traveling, riding her dirt bike and skydiving.

Favorite Quote:
“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” Thomas Paine


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Secretary – Sharon Shelander


Member Since: January 2013

Reason For Joining:

I had been following Glen Beck for several years and decided to join a 9/12 Project or a Tea Party.  I found the Hood County Tea Party and after several meetings decided to join.  I have learned so much more about my government and the workings since I joined (always not to the good).  The members are such good patriots it makes me proud to be a member.

Favorite Quote:

To Lead a Great Life: Dream, Take Action, Repeat

  • –  Jonathan Lockwood Huie
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Treasurer – Vacant

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