Exposing of the Lilliputians in Hood County ….. now known as Social Media Trolls and their Minions

Some of you may have read Gulliver’s Travels in high school or seen the various screen adaptations in the past but some may not have forgotten one of the points Jonathan Swift was making with the story.

One of the unique terms to come out of the book was Lilliputians.


By the time Jonathan Swift had finished Book I there was a stark contrast drawn between the diminutive, petty, and sometimes vicious politician (Lilliputian) and the normal but sometimes gullible person (Gulliver).  The politician was always portrayed as the midget in contrast to Gulliver.

Its focus was to denote how petty and small the politicians had become in relation to the average person.  Well since the Hood County TEA Party has become more active in local political issues the premise of Jonathan Swifts book has played itself out tenfold.  There has been no more glaring example of this than the recent decision by the Hood County TEA Party’s VP, Dave Eagle’s decision to run for G.I.S.D. School Board.

Over the course of the two years I have been in Granbury, I have not seen Hood County Commissioner – Precinct 3, Jeff Tout, attend any Republican Club meeting.  I have not seen him hold one town hall to discuss his decision to vote in favor of raising spending $1 million per year for Hood County government, increase salaries of the Commissioners, or a sundry of other potential topics.  No, he has opted instead to hope to go unnoticed as an obvious failure to the constituents who elected him to represent them.

It has become clear that while I and others in the TEA Party have been expressing their God Given rights, that are protected in the Texas Constitution, to petition for redress of grievances, Commissioner Tout is under the delusion that we (and specifically myself) are just complaining unnecessarily.  From his commentary I gather that he assumed once elected his constituents were just supposed to set back and ‘wait to see what he passed for us’ in order to find out how much good it was for us.  (reference to Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare) How do I know that?  Well after two years of hiding from the public he promised to ‘serve’ he took to Social Media last week and over this past weekend in an attempt to ridicule Mr. Eagle and myself.

As most are aware, and Mr. Eagle has publicly admitted, he made a mistake that he regrets deeply.  Mr. Eagle is a small business man.  As part of that business he holds demonstrations on his product.  He arose very early to prepare for an event and at the event he drank alcohol that was served as part of that event.  The event ended late in the evening and Mr. Eagle unfortunately did not realize the extent to which exhaustion and alcohol had impaired him.

While I in no way condone drinking and driving I do recognize that our justice system in the United States is predicated on circumstances surrounding events and justice is predicated on accepting the punishment for a mistake.  Mr. Eagle had never previously had an issue with drinking and driving in almost 50 years of driving.  Fortunately, no one except Mr. Eagle was harmed in this instance.  Mr. Eagle has accepted and complied with the courts required punishment.

That being said it was clear from the Lilliputian, Jeff Tout, his intent was to use fallacious logic in an attempt to smear Mr. Eagle and by extension the TEA Party and by extension, I believe, myself.

He and one of his minions were delighted that I had posted the policy about the TEA Party endorsing candidates.  This somehow was a repudiation of Mr. Eagle.  It was in no way intended to be that. It was clearly a statement of our policy and a clarification of where we were at as an organization.  A lot of it centered around Mr. Shackelford as well.  It is my belief, that a part of the Lilliputian world’s attempt to smear Mr. Shackelford was perhaps based on their false hope that his run for School Board was a result of him being a TEA Party member.  He ran for School Board previously and had no interaction with the TEA Party and was basically not even acknowledged by the Lilliputians.  Once he attended a couple of TEA Party meetings that all changed.

So where does that leave us at this moment in time?  Well here are my thoughts on the issue.  First and foremost, is that I would no sooner disavow Mr. Eagle than I would family.  I have had the pleasure of working with him on several issues for the last two years.  If nothing else, he is an ardent patriot and genuinely concerned about the country he is leaving to his grandchildren.  Did he make a mistake?  Yes.  The bible tells us that God recognizes all men are flawed and prone to mistakes.  Is Mr. Eagle a serial offender of the law or career criminal? Not even in the slightest.  I suspect his bigger flaw might have been to assume that once he accepted the punishment for his mistake that he had redeemed himself in our overwhelming Christian community.  He was unaware of the sheer number of Lilliputians that were in Hood County and how many minions they had helping them.

No, Lilliputian Tout, I would pose these questions to you:

  1. Which is worse, a person who made a mistake and accepted his punishment to redeem himself or a person who swore an oath to protect the rights of his constituents and refused to do such on numerous occasions but kept taking the constituents money as payment for a service never rendered?
  2. Is it worse to condone the use of taxpayer money being used to assist in the media campaign to smear a citizen of the county whose only offense was to assert her rights as a parent?
  3. Is it worse to do a part time job for the taxpayer when you clearly have at least two other full time jobs and yet vote to increase your salary from the public to well above the median income of the hardworking taxpayer?

I could go on and on with Lilliputian Tout but I would prefer that Mr. Tout would instead of calling me (one of the people he is supposed to represent) a ‘coward’ behind the safety of his keyboard and computer screen accept my challenge to public debate any of the following topics:

  1. My right to assert my God Given Rights to petition for redress of grievances
  2. His failures in office to uphold his oath of office
  3. The ethics of someone accepting punishment for a mistake vs failure to uphold your oath but taking the money anyway


I will be waiting Lilliputian Tout (although not holding my breath) for your response but alas the silence from it will be as deafening as your communication with your constituents throughout the four failed years of your ‘public service’.



Jim Logan

Hood County Precinct 3 Taxpayer / citizen of a republic not dictatorship

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Granbury Airport Expansion Boondoggle – – It is only my Grandchildren’s money……

A special thanks to the Hood County Free Press for publishing my Op-ED!

Granbury Airport Expansion Boondoggle

At one of the preceding Hood County TEA Party meetings a guest stood up and announced that we might want to pay attention to the Airport Expansion Project that had been in planning stages for twenty plus years.  Per his commentary there were concerns about whether there was actually funding for the project and how much was the taxpayer of Granbury being put on the hook for in the end.  I must admit that this was one project that we as the Board were a little hesitant to check out.  Purely based on the constraints of time we already had many items we were interested in following.  In the end though the thirty plus million-dollar price tag was too much to let slide.  We agreed to at least attend the Airport Advisory Board meeting coming up the following week.  As with many such rabbit holes, that led us down a path that was somewhat troubling as a taxpayer.

I have been in manufacturing for over twenty plus years and have run numerous large and small capital projects.  That being said not all were always an easy success.  Looking back at what determined a successful project from a not so successful project was all in the upfront scoping and planning.  At the Airport Advisory Board a few items popped up during their meeting that led to concerns that many outstanding items may still be not clear when running a large scale project.

The first and most important was where was all the funding for the project coming from.  At first the answer generally appeared to be that the Granbury taxpayer would not be on the hook for more than 10% of the total.  That the FAA and TxDOT would be funding the rest.

This is where a philosophical discussion ensued.  The Board’s contention was that the taxpayer in Granbury would not have to pay for the majority of the project.  The money was coming from the Federal Government.  As if the Federal Government was some distant entity that had cash laying around coming from the magic gumball tree (hat tip Dave Eagle).  They said this was funded by fees on aviation fuel tax….so if the taxpayer didn’t fly they wouldn’t pay for it.  The fallacy here was that any cargo that is transported via airplanes pays that fuel tax.  So following the often misguided concept that ‘if we don’t take their ‘free’ money someone else will’ ruled the conversation.

Then the question of whether they actually had firm commitment from either the FAA or TxDOT was unclear as well.  This lack of clarity only pushed the curiosity from the TEA Party to decide to continue down this rabbit hole further.

Between the time we attended the Airport Advisory Board Meeting and the City Council Meeting on September 6th, we met with a City Council Member and did as much research as possible.  That is when the project manager instinct in me kicked in and I began to look into the project from a good scoping perspective.  There are three categories that I usually have to address to convince a company to invest significant capital in a project; return on investment, capital required, and risks that the project may not work as proposed.  Let’s look at what we have gleaned from a quick dive down the rabbit hole.


Just Like Alice in Wonderland’s Rabbit Hole

Return on Investment

I was chastised early in my career that when projecting return on a project that ‘fluff’ would get you in trouble.  Let me caution the taxpayer now that this project is based almost solely on ‘fluff’.  One of the primary reports the City of Granbury is citing as justification for this project is the A Report of theEconomic Impact of Granbury Regional Airport’s New Runwayin Granbury, Texas completed by Impact Data Sources which they paid $2,500 to have prepared as a marketing device (also known as propaganda).

When reviewing the report, the first thing to note is that there are no footnotes or appendix.  This is a usual dead give-away that the report is not based on hard analysis.  And to be clear they supply some of the data they are basing their assumptions on but here is what I would look for in an appendix.  What is past historical accuracy of the model they use?  And provide some examples of where it has been accurate.  Then what is a best case scenario and worst case scenario?  In other words, they will throw out some numbers from the model but how much could that model be off worst case?

Here are a few claims from the report that should be approached as a skeptical taxpayer.  First it makes a 20 -year projection.  This is a sin in business since it is hard to predict further out than 5 years.  Even if we were to let that slide then we see the next astonishing projection that this report puts forth.  By extending the runway to the airport, from a current 3800 feet or 4000 feet (still unclear which) to 5200 feet, the city of Granbury can expect to receive $3.9 Billion (yes BILLION) over twenty years in economic activity.  Let’s break that down.  That would be $195 million per year.  Or to break it down further that would be ~$16 million per month once completed!  There are many factors they are including in the report but this seems hard to swallow since the City Council nor the Airport Advisory Board cannot name ONE Single company that is clamoring to come to Granbury if the Airport Expands.

Capital Required

It is possible to go on and on about the Return Side of the issue but for sake of brevity let’s jump to how much money is the Taxpayer going to have to put up for this project?  This is seemingly another ‘shell game’ in the making.  When asked the total numbers appear to be $31.9 Million.  Of which the City Council would have the city taxpayer believe they will only need to pay 10% or ~$3.2 million.  But the problem with this is that the City paid too much for the land and are now upside down on the ‘investment’ for the airport.  I will try to explain this the best I can based on what came from the TxDOT Representative that attended the City Council meeting but I think it takes CommonCore math to make this work for the Taxpayer.


Airport Project Math Lesson – Abbott & Costello meets Common Core

The City is currently publicly projecting this would cost $31.9 million.

TxDot Has a $20 million per year budget for this kind of project and out of that budget they ‘verbally’ committed $3 million per year to the Granbury Airport project over the next three years!  Please re-read that last sentence.  So by my accounting the only money you can somewhat count on from TxDOT for the project is $9 million.

So let’s try old fashioned math:


So that means the city of Granbury will need to fund at least $22.9 million to complete this project.  But you say ‘What about the 10% maximum for taxpayers and the overpayment for the land?’  Well here is how that shell game works.  We will get a credit for the overpayment on the project and when we start a new project with TxDOT we will get credited back those funds.  Great so the City Council only needs to find about another ~$100 million in projects with TxDOT so we will get the ‘credit’ back.  Make sense?  No, me either…..

Risks on the Project that Need Answers

So if this isn’t worrisome enough here are several unanswered questions that could make this boondoggle worse:

  1. It appears there has not been an Environmental Impact Study done for this project so far.   While I am not advocating that we should kill the project over some previously unknown lizard, I am well aware that issues this airport was previously ‘grandfathered’ in on with the EPA and other regulatory agencies may go out the window when you completely tear up the runway and build a new runway.  Here’s one to ask your council member or mayor.  With the anticipated increased air traffic and hence the need to store more fuel what are the EPA requirements and how much does that cost?  Since you will be less than 1.5 miles from a High School do you have other safety requirements and how much will that cost?  Here’s another one to ask.  Since the Hood County Clean Air Commission has bought into the Climate Change con game, will increased air traffic boost emissions levels in Hood County to the point that there will be additional burdens on the Hood County Taxpayer?
  2. The land the City purchased seems pretty rough terrain.  Are there hard quotes for the construction of the runway?  In Hood County there are areas where it is hard rock and can be very expensive to excavate to perform construction.  If so, who will pay for cost over-runs on that?
  3. And one last note that the Taxpayer needs to be aware of is this.  It came out in our investigation that the City (ie the Granbury Taxpayer) is already subsidizing the Airport to the tune of approximately $250,000 per year!  So what guarantees does the taxpayer have that if it is poorly managed fiscally now how is that going to get better in the future?

Concluding Thoughts

Two concerns came from the City Council Meeting.  First and foremost, that the details of this project contain so much ‘fluff’ there is not a credible bank or business person that would put up their own money on this project as it is scoped currently but the City Council was very close to committing taxpayers and future taxpayers to pay for it.

That leads to the second troubling concern.  Van Vernon, TEA Party Board Member, stood up and spoke on his concerns over the very high total debt load on the Hood County Taxpayer.  He stated that he is very concerned that we are committing one of the worst financial misdeeds a society can do.  We have such high total debt (City, School, and County) that we have now committed our Grandchildren to paying for our actions.  To which City Council Member, Place 6, Mickey Parson stated in summary that he did not care if his grandchildren had to pay for this!  It is a good project.  To which the Mayor and one other City Council Member agreed.


Mickey Parson is ok with his Grandchildren paying for his debts.


I would pose these two quotes to the City Council and more directly to Mickey Parson.


“There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

— John Adams (1797-1801) Second President of the United States and Patriot


“The borrower is the slave of the lender.”— Proverbs 22:7

In closing, a Very Special ‘Thank You’ to Rose Meyers, Gary Couch, and Tony Allen for having the strength to stand up to a bad deal for the taxpayer and at least put it on hold until some questions can be answered!  I encourage all Granbury City Taxpayers to reach out to the City Council and Mayor and demand that they do a better job of scoping this project before it is brought up for a vote again.

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan

President – Hood County TEA Party

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Harper Valley P.T.A. Right Here in Granbury, Texas


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

Wow!  I have heard that politics is a brutal arena.  Little did I know how brutal it is!  Kind of reminds me of a song from the 60’s entitled “Harper Valley P.T.A.” by Jeannie C. Riley.  (I just dated myself, didn’t I).  If you’re old enough to remember “Harper Valley P.T.A.”, I suggest you allow this tune to play in your head while you read the rest of this OpEd.  Additionally, place an image of Jeannie C. Riley with her late 1960’s big hair in your mind’s eye while the song plays in your head.  Got it?   Here we go.

I have seen postings made by Paul Damian Hyde on his Facebook page and I have reviewed many of the attendant comments made by his “friends,” many of whom are connected in one way or another to our local government.  In addition, when I see some of the names of several of the commentators, I see many of the same folks who were adamantly in favor of all the children’s picture books in the library that depict openly LGBTQ behavior and that “teach” the LGBTQ lifestyle to four (4) year old children.  The “Usual Suspects” if you will.  The same folks who are secretly undermining the social order in our country with their “LGBTQ-lifestyle-is-normal” approach.  The same folks who are perfectly okay with having the government force feed this paradigm on the rest of us out here.  The same folks who won’t object or stand in the gap when the feds insist that GISD allow a boy in the girl’s locker room if he decides he is a “girl” that day.

Based on background information Mr. Paul Damian Hyde has posted on his Facebook page, it appears that he is a municipal judge in Tolar, Texas.  I further understand that he is a plaintiff’s attorney as I have seen his Billboards in the past with his name and face on them.  I also understand that his political leanings are about as far to the Left as one can be, i.e., along the usual radical lines of the progressive Democrats.

Mr. Hyde has posted some truths about me and some lies about me on his Facebook page.  Unlike Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, I do not have a Facebook page and I do not spend a whole lot of time looking at other people’s Facebook posts.

Even though Mr. Paul Damian Hyde posted some pretty vile stuff about me on his Facebook page, he does not know me and he has never met me.  I do not recall ever, one time, meeting him.  He has definitely never entered into any type of meaningful discourse with me about politics, religion, music, our kids, our hopes and dreams, our public education system or our respective world-views.   However, since Mr. Paul Damian Hyde has seen fit to disparage me on his Facebook page, I offer the following rebuttal to his narrative.

First, Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, a comment about our sacred First Amendment.  I say, Good for you!  You go boy!  You say whatever you feel like.  This is a free country and thank God we have freedom of speech and freedom of expression to express our beliefs and opinions.  You have an absolute right to be absolutely wrong and you have an absolute right to make a complete ass out of yourself.  With that said, it is indeed a shallow pool in which you wade if the best you’ve got is to call me names and post my past mistakes on your Facebook page.  I wonder where that “tolerance” and “compassion” went that you Lefties love to tout.

Unlike Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, I believe the gay marriage agenda he supports intends to destroy what has made America the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

Unlike Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, I believe the LGBTQ agenda has no place being forced on anyone by the government.  This is a social issue that the government should stay out of.

Unlike Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, I believe the concept of same sex marriage is a states’ rights issue that the federal government has unconstitutionally pirated via an activist judiciary.  Texans are adamant enough that marriage should be between one natural man and one natural woman that in 2005, 75 percent of our fellow Texans voted to amend the Texas Constitution via Article 1, Section 32 with this proposition.

Unlike Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, I believe the gay marriage controversy and the LGBTQ agenda’s sole intent is to rip the foundation of the traditional family out from under our feet.  With that said, I am afraid they may be succeeding in this quest thanks to folks like you, Mr. Paul Damian Hyde.

Unlike Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, I believe the future lies with our children and grandchildren and we have a sacred duty to teach them honor, morality, basic tenants of right versus wrong, and to provide them with the best education that can be provided.  Most of this honor, morality, basic tenants of right versus wrong, etc., is the job of the parents to be done at home.  The education part of the equation is the job of the state and local governments working hand in hand with the parents, teachers and the students.  The federal government has absolutely no Constitutional role in our public school system and should be removed from having any input in our local schools.

Unlike Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, I do not believe a publically funded librarian should be teaching our young children that homosexual relationships are normal.

Unlike Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, I do not believe the government has any business deciding what is politically correct and what is not politically correct.

I understand that Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, along with many of his cronies, would like nothing better than for me to shut up and go away.  They want me to shut up and go away because they don’t like it that I disagree with them and that I am exposing them for who and what they are.  In this regard, my real crime here is just that — I have dared to disagree with the progressive leftist Democrats that have infested this county and taken over our local government.  They preach to me of hate, intolerance and scorn by offering me nothing but hate, intolerance and scorn.

In the meantime, for your information, I have two grandchildren (8) and (11) that I am just as concerned with and care just as much about as you claim you do about your children.  I have deep concerns about the direction our country is headed.  I have deep concerns about what the future holds for our children and our grandchildren.  I have deep concerns about how the progressive left has infiltrated our school boards, our public schools and our school administration buildings, without a peep coming from the “Moral Majority.”  I have deep concerns when I see a newly-hired school superintendant, who, like a traveling snake oil salesman, brings with him a proposal for an $85 million school bond.   I have deep concerns when I look at his recent $85 million school bond that was slipped onto a bond referendum and was passed without full disclosure to the taxpayers.  I have deep concerns about a school board that has joyfully and gleefully spent this $85 million like teenagers on spring break with their mammas’ credit cards.

I have deep concerns when I see our school board, our school superintendent and all their cronies commit tax rape on the citizens who own property in our county.  Yes – you will hear them crow and strut that “GISD tax rate has been reduced by 1.5 cents.”  Please do not buy into this smoke and mirrors ploy when their partner in crime, the Hood County Appraisal District, at the same time increases the “valuation” of your home by 15-30% on the tax rolls.  Don’t believe me?  All you have to do is compare the net amount you paid in GISD taxes last year to what you are going to pay this year.

I am deeply concerned that teachers are not allowed to teach any more.  I am deeply concerned that teachers are forced to be assessors and test givers rather than teachers and mentors.  I am deeply concerned that God has been taken out of our public schools and replaced by your leftist brainwashing social engineering experiments.  I am deeply concerned that our current public school leaders believe that spending more and more money on bricks and mortar, coffee shops and fancy buildings all equate to a better education for our children.

I have huge concerns about our children not receiving an adequate education and being regimented and assimilated by your Common Core brainwashing scam that the federal government and the liberal left are determined to perpetrate on our children.  I am deeply concerned that teachers are forced, via government sponsored homogenization of minds, to teach to the lowest common denominator in their classrooms.  I am sick and tired of your constant attempts to socially engineer the minds of our youngest children to believe that no means yes, up is down, in is out, and wrong is right — that their natural born anatomy is somehow to be questioned in the name of political correctness.

With that said, if you, Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, ever care to discuss relevant political issues, the true meaning of Constitution, the right/left paradigm, who you are or who I am, or what we can do to make things better for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come, then please let me know.

Whether you like it or not, I see things I do not like and I do not agree with out here.  I used to sit around and bitch and moan about this and that.  At some point, when I saw that we were getting closer and closer to the point of no return, I decided I’d better get out there and try to do something about it or shut up and go home.  That is our choice, you know – to either “put up or shut up.”

I don’t know what country you grew up in, but I grew up in a country where I learned that “We the People” were the masters of our government.  The government is not supposed to be our master – we are the masters over our government.  “We the People” declared some 240 years ago that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  “We the People”, during that moment of sacred clarity, were charged with a sacred duty to ensure that our government remained bound by the “chains” of the Constitution on behalf of our children, grandchildren and subsequent generations.

We have strayed from our sacred path.  We have taken our freedoms for granted.  We have relinquished our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to a Godless neo collectivist centralized government.  Our forefathers had the foresight to know that from time to time, “We the People” would disagree on certain important issues.  That is okay.  It is okay to disagree. However, we can never find the common ground where we can all agree if we continue to steadfastly maintain the polarizing positions that we seem to maintain on both sides of the political spectrum.  We will never find our common ground if we cannot get past calling each other names and hurling insults at each other.

To close, I hereby challenge you, Mr. Paul Damian Hyde, to a public debate on any of these issues – anytime — anywhere.  I challenge you to bring to the table a lucid argument, based on facts and supporting evidence, that advances your position on these important issues.  I certainly have developed my position on these important issues and I stand by them.  I challenge you to discuss principles, not personalities.  I challenge you to meet with someone on the battlefield of ideas who dares to disagree with you.  I challenge you to either put up or shut up.

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Public Service for Profit and Power?

I often reflect on how far my education on my responsibilities as a citizen in a republic have come over the course of almost ten years now. Before I began, I like most thought the bulk of my duty was to ‘vote’ and then go about my daily life and all would be well.  How wrong I was.  As was told to me by wise counselors when I started out, ‘start locally, there is where you can have the most influence and impact on correcting the disastrous course our country is headed down’.

Today was an excellent example of that. The Hood County TEA Party had been actively researching the Hood County Budget for some time as well as pushing to have pay increases for our Sheriff’s Deputies.  Over the course of the next few articles I will attempt to explain some of what we have identified in this horrible charade masquerading as a budgeting process.  But first I think it would be wise to build the foundation brick by brick to make the case that this process needs some overhaul by the citizens of Hood County and we need a new Commissioners Court to Represent the Public.

The latter point is where I wish to focus this article. The Founders had several great debates over how to establish a government that provides maximum Liberty but still has enough power to function.  They spent a considerable amount of time articulating what they thought was a pre-requisite to insuring that the people would have the best candidates hold elected office.

Franklin on Elected Leaders and Profit

Many often have trouble bringing the Founders into modern times. I admit I used to as well until I really set down and applied modern examples to their language.  Let’s take the above quote and apply it to the budget fiasco.  Franklin asserts that as the salaries rise on what should be places of honor for the very best citizens to aspire too, the worst sorts of characters begin to seek those offices to line their pockets.  How would this apply here?  Well what if one Commissioner had a spouse that was also an elected official that would benefit from a pay raise as well? His first thought might be ‘Of course we need a raise!’ because he will benefit twice from one vote.  He never once considers recusing himself due to an ethical conflict.  This is exactly the case with James Deaver, Commissioner for Precinct 1, whose wife is also the County Treasurer.

Then you continue with the next part ‘mutual abuse of the parties’. I think Commissioner Deaver probably highlights this concern as well.  He technically always voted Democrat until one day he wanted to run for office.  Then mysteriously when he learned that only Republicans get elected in Hood County, he became a Republican.  He abused the Republican party to get a job.  He seldom, if ever shows up to support Republican causes, such as the County Convention or State Convention but so far rightly believes that as long as the public is distracted by day to day lives they will never catch on to him.

The later part of that statement may apply more so to the County Judge, Darrell Cockerham, and County Commissioner for Precinct 4, Steve Berry. ‘Tearing to pieces the best of characters.’  When it became public knowledge that Sheriff Deeds was meeting with his constituents to make the case for pay raises, both Judge Cockerham and Commissioner Berry began openly criticizing him, accusing him of misleading the public about the reasons Deputies were leaving, etc.

The next part was also on display today. “These will thrust themselves into your government, and be your rulers.”  If you look at how this budget process was run start to finish.  There was no real intent or attempt to garner public support for what they did.  The original budget hearing for the public did not adhere to an organized schedule.  Many elected officials did not even show up.  They just submitted rubber stamped budgets from last year.  The Commissioners limited time to 15 minutes with no presentations to justify the spending necessary.  Then at each workshop no public comments were taken.  At each and every attempt by citizens to ask questions of how they arrived at the final product we get vague generalities of well ‘it is the fair thing to do’ or ‘the law requires it’ or just plain silence.  Make no mistake they now consider themselves our Rulers and NOT Public Servants.

Salary Comparison for Hood County

Source for Data: U.S. Census Bureau / Hood County Budget / Comparative Salary Analysis Website

Franklin’s prophecy has played out and I’ll summarize what it culminated in today. If you look at the median income for Hood County Residents, it is $55, 472.00 per year.  That is the wage of an average citizen.  Prior to the farce budget presented here the County Commissioners and County Judge already exceeded what an average taxpayer makes by a significant margin.  Rather than staying in touch with their average citizen and monitoring employment rates, inflation, competitive salaries, and merit, they are arbitrarily giving themselves raises because it is ‘the fair thing to do.’

Rahm Emanuel - Crisis

They also followed the Democrat Mayor of Chicago’s, Rahm Emanuel, sage advice of ‘Never let a serious crisis go to waste’. What started out as a legitimate concern over whether Hood County was paying a fair compensation to law enforcement related to putting their lives on the line daily, turned into the last part of his quote.  ‘It’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before’…i.e. grant yourselves raises above and beyond what you could otherwise justify.  I would suspect in this economic environment no private sector worker was awarded a 5% raise just because it was ‘the fair thing to do.’

By public apathy and a lack of transparency on the part of the Commissioners Court, we have allowed this group to silently increase their salaries at a pace far exceeding the citizen they are supposed to represent. It was clear they had no concern for the ‘peon taxpayer’.

Plato - Inferiors

I encourage all citizens of Hood County to join me in letting the so called elected ‘representatives’ on the Hood County Commissioners Court know that their actions were unacceptable. Elected official’s salaries should be frozen until they are more in line with the average citizen.

Contact Information for:

Commissioner Precinct 1:

James Deaver


Commissioner Precinct 2:

Butch Barton


Commissioner Precinct 3:

Jeff Tout


Commissioner Precinct 4:

Steve Berry



Or Call: (817)579-3300

And start now working to educate other citizens that this group of Commissioners Court officials needs to be voted out at the very next opportunity!!!!

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan

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Open Letter to Hood County Commissioners – In a Republic Who are the Masters and Who are the Servants?

Due to a high workload I was unable to publish this at the time.  In light of the recent farce we had for a Public Commentary on the Budget hearing this morning at 9:00am I am posting it to build the case for the next series of Op-Ed’s about the Hood County Budget Process as a whole….. Yours in Liberty, Jim Logan – President Hood County TEA Party

Originally Drafted June 8th, 2016

Over the course of the last year and a half that I have lived in Hood County I have interacted with the Commissioners Court on several occasions. Several of those interactions have shown me that we have unfortunately put our faith in elected representatives that have no true understanding of how our government is supposed to work.  What’s worse is they also do not care.  To them this is just a ‘bureaucratic’ job that will provide them extra income at the taxpayers’ expense or in some it appears to be their belief that they were elected dictator and we the public should just set silent and be grateful for their benevolence.

Abbott and CostelloHood County Commissioners Court Budget Workshop….like a math lesson from Abbot and Costello

June 7th, 2016, only re-affirmed that belief. They held ‘budget workshops’ if you wish to call it that.  I would call it a pathetic example of disregard for the public at large and a giant middle-finger to the Hood County Taxpayer.  The budget workshop first and foremost is not for their benefit as much as it should be for the taxpayer.  Their primary existence centers around competently managing based on 2015 numbers, $31,479,294 of public funds.  (Let me preface this by I have very successfully managed yearly budgets exceeding $200 million.)  What I witnessed yesterday would have gotten most in the private sector fired.

The Commissioners published an agenda. The purpose of an agenda is to inform the public if they wish to see how well, or in this case how poorly, they are planning to spend our money for 2017 we can attend to watch the justification of each department’s budget.  Well the agenda was just as much a sham as their regard for public opinion.  Since I have to work to pay for the taxes they confiscate from my hard earned labor, I was only able to attend for the last half of the day.  Much to my surprise, I was told many didn’t even show up to present their budget since there was ‘no change’ and some of the budgets I wanted to see reviewed had already been presented and discussed.  Even more startling was that when I arrived the Library Expansion Committee was presenting and they were not even on the Agenda.  What should be noted is that they were already requesting that the Hood County Taxpayer fork over $1.5 million to expand the Library. The funny thing is there was not one question from the commissioners about that….just a polite ‘Thank You’.

The only one left worth seeing was when the Sheriff presented his budget and again they did not fail to disappoint. (It should also be noted that the Hood County Minister of Truth, Kathy Cruz, oddly enough showed up just in time to watch his budget presentation…more on that later) The Commissioners Court had already let it be known through their Propaganda Minister of Truth that they were unhappy with Sheriff Deeds for going around to the public and making presentations about what he wished to request for a new pay-scale.

Here is where the futile education to the Commissioners comes in to play. In a Republic, part of an elected officials responsibility is to communicate with the public on what they are doing on behalf of the public and why.  I may have missed it but I did not see one notice of any Commissioner or County Judge requesting to make a public presentation on what they saw as important priorities for the County. Sheriff Deeds should be commended and used as a role model for them. He actually met with the TEA Party for over three hours and answered every budget question we asked.

Sadly, what I did see was the Minister of Truth, Kathy Cruz, release her latest Propaganda piece last night regarding the Public exercising their Rights and sending postcards as well as calling their elected representatives for redress of grievances.

Cockerham Crap

Here is the quote from Judge Cockerham, “What kind of crap is that?” That pretty much sums up his attitude with the public in general.  If people are exercising their Rights it is just ‘Crap’ to him and as the article also quotes ‘Irritating’.

Well, this is the reminder of the first lesson of a Republican government. Our elected ‘representatives’ are there to reflect the will of the people NOT act like petty despots or worse yet vindictive children.  They all swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the State of Texas.  When as a citizen we see something that is not working correctly in our government we not only have the Right but the Duty to Instruct our PUBLIC SERVANTS to work to correct it.

What I would like from all of you reading is to now DOUBLE DOWN on the calls and Postcards!!!!!

Texas Constitution

The Oath they Swore was to Defend and Protect The Texas Constitution!

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It’s Just Theater….

Back on July 26th, 2016, I had the displeasure of sitting through a whole hour and a half town hall with my supposed elected representative, Congressman Mike Conaway (R-CD11).  I initially had decided that I would no longer attend his town halls simply because they were of no value to the voter.  Since he was actually showing up in Granbury, I changed my mind and thought well maybe things have changed with him.  Unfortunately I think that was really true.  Things have changed with him.  He was supremely more arrogant and dismissive of his role as our elected representative.

As I relflected on the town hall it was hard to pick out what was the most astonishing points coming from his appearance.  Was it the fact that he again acknowledged that we are the most conservative district in the country but he can’t really reflect that because the rest of the country isn’t that way?  Was it the fact that he laid out the Paul Ryan agenda that is supposed to be ‘for something’ instead of ‘against something’ but didn’t seem to address the issues that are the top concerns for Americans.  Was it the fact that he declined to defend Paul Ryan on his Amnesty stance or Open Borders stance while saying he really doesn’t know Paul’s position on these matters, yet he voted for Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House and highest elected Republican official in the country?  No these in retrospect paled in comparison to this golden nugget of insight into the mind of a long term politician and bureacrat.  During a somewhat contentious exchange between he and myself, I pointedly asked him why it was that during the seven and a half years of this lawless administration Congress had refused to exercise the powers that we the people had given them; the power of the purse and the power of impeachment.  His response on both issues was troubling but the most telling was the latter.  His reponse to why no one would be impeached.  “Impeachment, it’s just theater”.  With only six months left in the Obama Administration no one in Washington would act on it and by the time anything would start Obama would be out of office.

Its just theater

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There’s a Polecat in the Pokey

Polecat – “A European animal that has dark brown fur and a long fat body and that gives off a bad smell to defend itself.”  (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary); “A striped skunk.  Sometimes applied to a person who is thought to be despicable or contemptible.” (Cowboy Bob’s Dictionary).

I am not going to say that there are some polecats in several different offices in the county.  That would be very unfair – to polecats.

Anyway, please allow me to explain.  In a December 2, 2015 letter addressed to Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, Lori J. Kaspar lays out Hood County’s OFFICIAL POSITION related to producing emails sent or received by county employees on the county’s email server that might be subject to a request for disclosure in an Open Records Request as follows:

“Hood County maintains that subject to its computer use policy, any electronic communication sent using the County’s email server is public information and is subject to disclosure.” (emphasis added by me).

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Hello again, folks.  The Ministry of Propaganda is in high gear in Hood County this Fourth of July weekend 2016.  Never have I seen so blatant an attempt to emulate the far left-wing Marxist propaganda mouthpieces of 1930’s/1940’s Stalinist Russia and/or Nazi Germany than what Josephina Goebbels, I mean, Kathy Cruz, penned in the Saturday, July 2, 2016 edition of Der Stürmer, I mean, the Hood County News.  [Let’s stop right here for a moment.  There is no doubt that the Nazi’s were Socialists on steroids.  In that regard, even though many over the years have labeled the Nazi’s as “far right,” they were anything but “far right.”  The end game for socialism can lead nowhere but to totalitarianism.  But we can debate this idea on another day.  I invite you to conduct your own research on this before you call me out on this contention].

Ministry of Propaganda

We will begin with the front page of the July 2, 2016 edition of the HCN and its headline, at the top:

Liberty at stake?

Hood County to be example in religious freedom debates

The first question this begs is: Whose liberty is at stake?  Mine, as a God fearing Christian conservative, or others, like far left-wing political activists who want to force their sexual agenda on me and/or their pro-abortion beliefs on me?  If you read the smaller print that makes up Cruz’s story under the above headline, you will see that she drags up the alleged $44,000 the county “paid” to settle a federal lawsuit when two homosexuals filed a lawsuit against the county and the county clerk for not immediately issuing them a marriage license on July 2, 2015.  By the way, these two guys, who allegedly lived together for 28 years prior to this alleged atrocity committed against them, recently filed for a “divorce,” less than a year after the circus act they starred in came to town.  Cruz spins this hasty and secretly orchestrated settlement scheme from last summer as a direct blame game hit piece against the county clerk, and indirectly at her spouse, Mike Lang.  I contend that the county commissioners (all four of them) and the county judge, all spurred on by a county attorney with an agenda and who should have recused herself because of her personal situation, threw good tax payer money away on a frivolous lawsuit that would have never made it past a summary judgment hearing.  I invite you to read my companion OpEd that is being published contemporaneously with this piece entitled, “There’s a Polecat in the Pokey.”  I believe the county attorney, at the very least, breached her ethical duty to properly represent the county and the county clerk in this matter; and, at worst, committed malpractice.  But, again, that is for another OpEd (coming soon).

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Hood County Voting Rights Secure?

Alexander Hamilton - Voting

The last Hood County TEA Party meeting was one of resounding proportions. In my mind it has grown in importance over the last few weeks.  Why?  Because it strikes at the core of our Republic in a very profound way.

As a citizen of the State of Texas and of the United States we are guaranteed a Republican form of government. What that implies is that as citizens if we are unhappy with the direction of our local, state, or federal government we are able to go to the ballot box in the next election and exercise our will to change it through Voting.  This concept was an experiment when it was first proposed.  It meant that no longer was it necessary to arm yourself when the government went astray.  You could work to ‘peaceably’ change the direction.

When Dr. Laura Pressley presented to our TEA Party last week it pulled back yet another illusion of security in our form of government. What she documented in very clear fashion is that through the culmination of technology, laziness, apathy, and perhaps corruption our Right to Vote is now clouded. The implementation of Electronic Voting in the State of Texas has been sloppy and fraught with problems.  As with the implementation of anything computer related there seems to be always this specter of problems due to lack of security and sloppy implementation.

What Dr. Pressley highlighted are two major areas of concern for Hood County:

  1. First and foremost is that the electronic voting machines DO NOT COMPLY with State Law.  None of the systems used in the State of Texas can produce a ‘Legal’ Ballot Image for recount.
  2. Secondly, the ease of computer voting has led us to think that short-cutting State Law requirement is ‘Ok’.  The Secretary of State’s Office is waivering the need to produce daily printout tapes and signing that the election judges validate them.

The good news that came from the presentation was that the fix is actually quite simple. For all the usual shortcomings of our State Legislature they has actually done a VERY thorough job in spelling out how to handle our Voting using Electronic Technology in order to avoid these problems.

From my perspective the easiest way to correct this was to petition our County Commissioners Court to remedy the situation. Here is why:

  1. They act like Congress in the Check and Balance System.  If something is going wrong in government they simply can quit funding it.  So they purchased the equipment.  They approve the budget to fund the Election Administrator.  And they approve the pay for the Election Administrator.  (It should be noted that the Hood County Commissioners Court approved a 13% pay increase for the Election Administrator in the 2016 Budget)
  2. They have numerous responsibilities related to Elections in the County (Please see attached reference sheet for statutes governing them and elections)
  3. The County Judge is the Chief Elections Officer for the County.
  4. Also per their own published documentation they show that the Election Administrator is under their responsibility (see attached Organizational Chart from their 2015 Audit Report)

Commissioners and County Judge State Codes for Elections

Hood County Org Chart

So it should be very simple from a citizen perspective. Have them pass a resolution stating that ‘their’ employee needs to make sure to comply with the law.  I even took all the hard work out of the resolution for them.  I referenced all the relevant State Codes that applied and drafted the wording for them.  All they had to do was place it on the Agenda, allow commentary, and then pass it.  Who could be opposed to passing a simple resolution stating that you wished your employee to verify they were complying with the LAW?  Well apparently our Commissioners Court!

The County Judge has agreed to a special session of the County Elections Commission which is at least a start. Attached below is my proposed resolution that the Court is now familiar with.  I encourage you to read it and if you are concerned about the state of the Country and your Rights contact your Commissioner and ask them what they are doing about it?

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan

Commissioner.agenda item.05.10.2016 – Voting Integrity Resolution



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Texas Electronic Voting Corruption Problems

As we work on uploading the video from our Monthly meeting this is a video interview with our Speaker from the April meeting, Dr. Laura Pressley.

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Pray Vote Engage

Have you ever wanted to do something really bad then when the time comes you think “Oh my, it’s 200 miles away. Do I really want to drive that far? Fight the traffic on I-35? Plus severe storms, possible baseball sized hail and tornadoes tomorrow on the drive back!  I should just stay home”.

But that little nagging voice says “you need to go”.

I am thankful I put those doubts aside.  My friend of 36 years, Pat Ramirez, and I left at 7 pm Monday night headed for Austin to see Billy Graham’s son Franklin speak at the “Decision America Tour 2016”.

The next morning we arrived with 9,000 other Christians, press and a few uncommitted souls. Nothing like an additional 9,000 people descending on the Texas State Capitol. (Although less than the 17,000 for the Governor’s inaugural in 2015, but that’s another story for another day).

Pray for America - Susan

Pray for America - Crowd

After parking and walking 10 blocks we arrived to Decision America volunteers handing out small American flags.

Since we were an hour and a half early we secured great spots 20 feet from the stage.

Perfect weather, partly cloudy and cool.  Acapella praise songs began.

With Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick already seated, Franklin Graham took center stage at noon. Let the flag waving and hand lifting begin!

Pray for America - Franklin

Franklin said “I’m going to every state in our country to challenge Christians to live out their faith at home, in public and at the ballot box”.   We prayed for God to forgive the sins of our nation, our family’s sins and our own sins.

Then he asked us to pledge the following:

 My Pledge to God

  1. I pledge to honor God at home—by living biblical principles, striving for purity in or out of marriage, and pursuing godliness in all my relationships.
  2. I pledge to honor God in public—by standing for biblical principles and serving those in need.
  3. I pledge to honor God with my vote—supporting, where possible, candidates who will uphold biblical principles, including the sanctity of life and the sacredness of marriage.

My Pledge to My Country

  1. I pledge to pray fervently and faithfully for America.
  2. I pledge to be registered and to vote in every election—local, state, and federal—supporting, where possible, candidates who uphold biblical principles.
  3. I pledge to engage in my community with God’s truth and prayerfully consider running for office.He stressed if all Christians would vote we could change things. The LGBT community is pushing their agenda but there are more of us than there are of them. And if they file a lawsuit against you, tell them to bring it on!I don’t believe I’ve ever heard it from any pulpit telling us to run for office, whether it be city council, school board, etc—not just state and/or national positions. All in all, it was well worth the 400 mile round trip, the traffic, the 10 block walk and best of all the storm had passed in Granbury by the time we got back home!

Pray  Vote  Engage!  God bless America again!






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‘Conspiracy Theories’ and the Elite in the Media (Ministry of Truth)

Since the days of the Clinton presidency there have been numerous so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ lambasted by mainstream newspapers and mainstream television.  One thing of which most citizens are unaware (including me in prior days) is that this ‘conspiracy theory’ tag is another “Ministry of Truth” tool in the spin artist’s propaganda toolbox.  One might ask ‘How would one know that?’  Well, along the path of my Critical Thinking education, I came across one of the heroes of the Political Left in this country, Mr. Saul Alinsky.  Most people in America are likely unfamiliar with this name, but among the Political Left, he is an ‘intellectual giant’.

Saul A

For what is Mr. Alinsky famous? He is the author of the book Rules for Radicals (1971), which over the years has become the handbook for leftist community organizers and community agitators.  Alinsky was an avowed Communist and was primarily concerned with how to seize control of power.  He spent years in Chicago studying the Chicago Mob under the tutelage of Frank Nitti in an effort to determine why the Mob was so effective at what they did. Rules for Radicals is a synthesis of everything Alinsky learned during his years working as a community agitator in Chicago.  Of particular note is the Rules for Radicals guide to neutralizing an opposing viewpoint.

Alinsky asserts that opposing viewpoints are neutralized by using two basic tactics.

His first tactic is to take over the definitions of certain words by changing the definitions of these certain words to suit your purpose. When you are targeting an opponent, you must choose a vocabulary that frames the ‘opponent’ within the parameters of certain stereotypes.  In this case, the Radical Left has worked for decades to use words that support their narrative.  These words always fall back into a few emotionally-charged themes, such as children, the environment, women and race.   In this way, one’s opponent is framed as ‘not caring about children’ or ‘not caring about the environment’ or ‘not caring about the alleged plight of women’ or ‘you are a racist’.

The second tactic Alinsky promotes in Rules for Radicals is the act of ‘subjecting your opponent to ridicule’.  It is human nature to fear and be adverse to public ridicule.  If one is subjected to public ridicule, it makes it more difficult to continue one’s argument when you perceive that people are laughing at you.  Subjecting one’s opponent to ridicule is an effective way to discount the message your opponent attempts to convey.

Two of the most famous students of Alinsky’s philosophy of achieving political power are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on the ideas of Alinsky and Obama was reportedly one of the most gifted practitioners of Alinsky’s quite effective tactics.

Visual of Ridicule Opponent

You may ask, What does Saul Alinsky have to do with our daily lives here in Hood County?  Well, let’s take a look at one of the proponents of his Rules for Radicals theories — the now infamous Minister Cruz from the Ministry of Truth (HCN).  One of her four ‘hit piece’ propaganda articles she published in her series of articles on Open Records was put forth in the April 16, 2016 edition of the Hood County News.  (See illustration below).

Conspiracy Article Highlights - Propaganda 101

The first thing one should note is that in the newspaper business, a headline is used to give the reader a 20-second sound bite. The 20-second sound bite in our example implies that most of the Open Records Requests Minister Cruz discusses in her articles are driven by ‘Conspiracy Theories’.  In addition, in a typical newspaper where everything is in black and white, the reader is given a color picture of Mr. Eagle, strategically located in close proximity to the headline – which, at a glance, implies by association that Mr. Eagle is the culprit responsible for peddling Cruz’s alleged ‘Conspiracy Theories’.  Make no mistake, as a seasoned ‘journalist’ (or propagandist), Minister Cruz is very aware of how this subliminal association works in a 20-second sound bite culture.

If the reader actually decides to read the full text of the article, the article is structured in such a way to provide an ‘expert’ who corroborates the assertion that there is “no evidence” to support any ‘conspiracy theory’. In addition, we see that Minister Cruz attempts to draw Mrs. Birdwell into the conspiracy web of the TEA Party by including a spin on some open records requests submitted by Mrs. Birdwell to the county.  Frau Cruz attempts to discredit Mrs. Birdwell and discount Birdwell’s concern that county employees might have been targeting Birdwell via the ACLU and other leftist organizations.  Frau Cruz attempts to “prove” this by asserting that the Hood County government expert, Lori Kaspar, has personally spent “hours” verifying that there is nothing to any ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

What if those ‘Conspiracy Theories’ were true?

I respectfully submit to you the following evidence found through Open Records Request:

Exhibit A: Email from Courtney Kincaid to ACLU referencing Mrs. Birdwell’s article in the HCN

Library Director Plotting with ACLU

Library Director Plotting with ACLU - attachment

Exhibit B: Attorney General Opinion on Lori Kaspar’s request to withhold Open Records Information – (Firm Rebuke by Texas Attorney General’s Office exhibiting that the HCN ‘expert’ has poor grasp of the law and Open Records)

AG Opinion on Hood County Open Records Request – 02182016


Graphic: Edward Snowden – ‘The government is spying on American Citizens’

Ladies and Gentlemen of the public, make no mistake – Frau Cruz is a seasoned Propaganda Minister. Moreover, Lori Kaspar, the Hood County Attorney and Frau Cruz’s cohort, is the poorest excuse for a public servant that Hood County has ever seen.  Both of these individuals use their respective positions to bully and to advocate their personal agendas.  In addition, both of these individuals work hard to deceive the public who is duped into believing that they are looking out for the public’s best interest.  Both of these individuals represent the cancer that has infected our Republic and is destroying it from within.

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In March, 1933, a lawyer in Nazi Germany named Michael Siegel was paraded through downtown Munich by the German SA (the infamous German “Storm troopers”).  The SA men made Siegel hang a sign around his neck so that all who saw Siegel as he was paraded down the street could read the sign, heckle Siegel, call him names and, if so desired, throw various objects at Siegel.  To earn this moment of public ridicule, Siegel had previously lodged numerous protests to the new-in-power Nazi regime regarding the mistreatment of one of Siegel’s Jewish clients by the Nazis.  Siegel himself was a Jew.  The sign around Siegel’s neck read, “I will never complain to the police again.”

I will not call the police

During the Nazi reign of terror (1933-1945), a man by the name of Joseph Goebbels was appointed by Adolf Hitler as Germany’s Minister of Propaganda.  In what has become the template of modern-day media-government complicity, Goebbels and his ilk perfected the techniques that are still used to this day to influence public opinion.  One of the main objectives of Goebbels was to bolster the Nazi government’s policies and to also fan the flames of hatred and discontent towards a mortal enemy.  As history teaches us, it turned out that the Jews were as good a scapegoat as any, and so Goebbels, via all German media outlets, set out to blame every problem that existed at the time on the Jews.  However, one must understand that folks of the Jewish faith were not the only ones disparaged by the Nazi regime.  Anyone who openly disagreed with the Nazi regime stood as good a chance of being shot in the head as any person of the Jewish faith.  Anyone who did not express nodding approval of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, Jew or not, could have, at some point, found his or her head in the guillotine.  If you dared speak out, you subjected yourself to public ridicule in a best case scenario, and summary execution in a worst case scenario.

Some things never change.  As with the media-government symbiotic relationship that developed in Nazi Germany in the early 20th Century, our modern day media-government relationship has fallen to new depths of incestuous complicity.  The mainstream media and the government now work with such hand-in-glove unity and have been doing it for so long, most folks out here do not even notice.  The relationship between the mass media and the government has taken on all the attributes of a Las Vegas magic show extravaganza, with all the smoke, mirrors and misdirection that comes with a grand performance.  The government is the magician on stage and the media is the magician’s assistant whose job it is to misdirect your attention while the magician performs his trickery.  Think of the recent movie, “Now You See Me,” where the protagonist magicians rob a bank while they are doing their magic show.

Hood County Ministry of Truth

Right here and right now, the Hood County local government is doing everything in its power to resist citizens who have started asking questions.  Although our local elected and appointed officials will tell you that they are all proponents of open and transparent government, it appears to this writer that many of our elected and appointed officials, deep down, want to be anything but open and transparent.  Instead, what many of our local elected and appointed officials appear to want is to conduct their business incognito and in the dark.  They seem to really not want the light of day to shine on what they are really doing because if the sun were to shine on what many of them are really doing, many of us may not like what we see.  Ironically, right here and right now, there is no greater example of media-government complicity than the Hood County News and the local county government.  Our local Minister of Truth – Kathy Cruz a/k/a “Josephina Goebbels” Cruz.  Her direct liaison with the local county government – take your pick.

You may laugh and say, “Come on Dave.  Really?”  You may say, “There you go again, Dave, spouting off about some ‘grand conspiracy.’”  Well.  That is your right to say and you are certainly entitled to your opinion.  With that said, I offer a quick example to support my position.  This is coming from eyewitness testimony, which, in the legal profession, is called Direct Evidence.

Last week, Kathy Cruz of the Hood County News contacted me via a voice mail message.  She indicated that she was writing “a couple” of stories regarding open records requests recently submitted by Hood County citizens to the local county government.  In her message, she informed me that Judge Cockerham told her that, due to all these “onerous” open records requests, the county “may have to” hire more people and, as a result, raise our taxes to pay for the additional personnel to handle all this alleged “extra work.”  Frau Cruz wanted to know whether I wanted to provide any comment regarding the Judge’s alleged statement.  (I say “alleged” because as far as I know, Frau Cruz may have just as likely put these words in the Judge’s mouth of her own volition).

First of all, Frau Cruz, starts from a place that these alleged open records requests are “onerous.”  That descriptor should have tipped me off right then and there.  Whatever the case, being the happy warrior that I am, and way against my better judgment, I agreed to meet with Frau Cruz at her office to offer my comments on the Judge’s alleged contention.

Enter the Lair

On the day of our meeting, after going to rosary, lighting a candle, getting sprinkled with Holy Water (and I’m not even Catholic), and meeting with a prayer group for a group blessing and prayer vigil, I proceeded to travel to the Hood County News building.  In my pocket, I carried a wooden cross, a wooden stake (just in case), a small pocket mirror (to check for a reflection) and a small pocket copy of the Holy Bible.  For good measure, I also wore a wreath of garlic around my neck.  As I am not one to take any chances, as I entered through the door of the HCN, I verbally began to recite the 23rd Psalm, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil . . . “  Lastly, I asked a local priest to drive around the block a few times while I was in there just in case I needed a quick exorcism.  (I was soon to learn later that all of this was still not enough to fend off the evil forces at play).

Once inside the Hood County News, I was escorted into the conference room by the receptionist.  There, across the table, sat Kathy Cruz.  (For some reason, an image from an old 1930’s black and white horror movie flashed into my brain).  I shakily made the sign of the cross and sat down across the table from her.  All of the sudden, the door slammed shut and I immediately began to feel the room becoming colder and colder.  I was quickly able to see my breath smoke as the temperature plummeted.  I sensed that this meeting was not going to go my way.

Frau Cruz began to ask me some questions about her open records request stories she was working on for the April 16th edition of the Hood County News.  It did not take long for me to realize that, from my perspective, she had absolutely no interest in what I had to say or any viewpoint I expressed on any issue.  From what I could tell, Frau Cruz had already sided with the story line given to her by the county judge, the county attorney, the county commissioners and other county employees, including Jackie Solomon and Richard Aguirre.

On each and every issue, she approached me from a place of pre-conceived opinion rather than from even a tiny place of journalistic curiosity to find the truth of the matter by understanding the facts of the matter, which means to listen to all sides of the matter.  I realized at some point that Frau Cruz had absolutely no interest in the truth.  In fact, the truth appeared to me to be a mere inconvenience to her — something to be totally ignored if the truth does not line up with her agenda.  All it appeared she wanted from me was to be able to assert that she “interviewed me” to make it look like she ferreted out the facts.  My meeting with her was a total waste of time.

Thank God I was able to escape that den of iniquity with my soul still intact.  My priest friend had pulled around as I came out of the Hood County News’s front door and, in a preventative act of mercy, performed a quick precautionary exorcism on me.  At this point one week later, I think I am going to be okay.  At least my head has not started spinning around.

The moral of this story?  Do you want to read a news report from a real Journalist (Edward R. Murrow comes to mind) who actually seeks out all the facts to write an unbiased report on them, or do you want to read a story (more commonly referred to as fiction) written by an Agenda-ist?   Do you want to seek the truth or do you want to consult the Ouija Board?  Do you want to hear all sides of a story so that you may come to your own conclusion about how you feel about it or do you want to allow a Minister of Propaganda to tell you how you should feel about it?   Do you recognize it when you see the magician’s assistant on the stage misdirecting your attention while the magician works his trickery?  I will leave all of the preceding questions for you to answer in your own heart.  In this regard, I invite you to decide for yourself the moral of this story.

Public Shaming

To conclude, in Frau Cruz’s four totally biased propagandistic articles she published in the April 16, 2016, edition of the Hood County News, she threatens and blames the Tea Party for allegedly being the cause of higher taxes merely because some concerned citizens have filed a few open records requests.  What she is really trying to do is to shame us into shutting up by metaphorically parading us down the streets of Granbury with a sign around our neck that states, “I will never file an open records request again.”

Ministry of Propaganda

Dave Eagle, April 20, 2016

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Disillusionment and Propaganda

Jefferson vs Obama

Initially I thought that my education was pretty decent. I went to a good high school and then a good University for Engineering.  Then in 2007 – 2008 when the economy tanked I began to awaken from an illusion that is perpetrated on most in this country.  Our education is woefully inadequate. I had never been really exposed to Critical Thinking and the world that critical thinking makes visible.  In particular, one thing that became critically clear to me is the deception perpetrated by our so called News Media. Most people focus on CNN, FOX News, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, but most never really pay attention to local media – – especially when it holds an almost monopolistic stranglehold on local ‘information’.

My good friend and fellow patriot, Dave Eagle, and I recently thought it might be good to reach out to the local media in an attempt to establish a thread of common ground on some issues. This “reaching out” has not gone the way we had hoped, but out of all bad it is important to look for the good and highlight it.  My wife recently told me that sometimes Dave and I use terminology and references that probably are not too familiar for most modern-day people.  As such, please allow this episode, in the never ending fight for local Liberty, to provide the reader with an illustration regarding the seemingly lost language of Liberty.


Our country and our State were grand experiments in whether we as a people were ready for self-government. One of the keys they thought would be crucial was to have a ‘watchdog’ media to assist in shining the light of ‘truth’ on what the government is doing.  That included the local government.  That was ingrained in our First Amendment for the US Constitution as freedom of the press. The enemies of Liberty know very well that the key to tyranny is the exact opposite of freedom of the press . . . and when the government colludes with the press on what is reported, tyranny soon follows.  This becomes in essence the definition of ‘propaganda’.  The most famous writer to bring the concept of ‘propaganda’ into the popular consciousness was George Orwell in his famous novel 1984. (Published in 1949).

Orwell Quote

In his book, Orwell brings introduces us to the “Ministry of Truth.” The “Ministry of Truth” is responsible for making sure that all media that is exposed to the people is ‘scrubbed’ and edited to expound only content that is approved by the Government.

Based on my observation of several articles in the Hood County News, it is now pretty evident that Kathy Cruz is unofficially (perhaps, officially) the Minister of Truth for the Hood County local government.  Let’s take a look at her recent layout of newspaper articles to determine whether we can confirm that conclusion.

HCN Hit Piece on Open Records

First and foremost let’s look at an important ‘journalistic tactic’ — placing and item “above the fold.”  Placing an item “above the fold” ensures that the first thing a reader sees is the headline and it’s intended message.  Isn’t it interesting that even though Mr. Eagle had told Minister Cruz that State Code makes it possible for the government to charge requestors for Open Records Requests, Minister Cruz uses the sensationalistic line ‘Will Open Records requests force a tax increase?’  Then the next line implies that the culprit responsible for this dastardly increase in taxes is none other than the TEA Party!  Everyone in media knows that we now live in an information culture of the 20-second attention span.  They also know that no one will read the article to learn that the statements by Judge Cockerham highlight his ignorance on Open Records law.  No — the first propaganda hit was very strategic and subliminal.

Now, let’s look at the second propaganda hit item. The Open Record highlighted next to this (still “above the fold”) is from Mrs. Birdwell, the wife of State Senator Birdwell.  Here, the implication is not lost either.  This placement is intended to tie the ‘evil, wasteful’ TEA Party to Mrs. Birdwell and, by association, indirectly to Senator Birdwell.  Let me be clear — the TEA Party has great respect for Senator Birdwell and his wife.  However, the Birdwells are not members of the TEA Party.  It was interesting that during Mr. Eagle’s conversation with Minister Cruz, she asked Dave several times about Mrs. Birdwell – as if trying to tie, in her words, ‘an Aggressive TEA Party’ to Senator Birdwell.  (It is well known that the County Commissioners have a very poor working relationship with Senator Birdwell and might be inclined to use Minister Cruz to further their cause in that area.)

So allow me close with this. Some might say, as Minister Cruz does with another one of her hit pieces in the same HCN edition, that what I postulate to you today is just another TEA Party ‘Conspiracy Theory’.  But what if the documents we requested in our Open Records Requests had highlighted that this is exactly what transpires?  For example, if the Hood County Government wanted to dupe a short attention span public into accepting that they have no choice but to spend millions more taxpayer dollars to update a Library that is rapidly being replaced by technology, how would they accomplish this?  One thing they could do would be to conspire with Minister Cruz to get her to run a favorable article ‘above the fold’ to generate ‘favorable’ public opinion.

Don’t believe me? Fine.  See for yourself, below.

I respectfully submit Exhibit A: HCN Article- Library No Room to Grow (Oct. 26th, 2013).  I also submit Exhibit B: E-mail- Library Article dated Oct. 29th, 2013 (Thank You) from the Library Expansion Committee to Minister Cruz for her outstanding piece of propaganda, I mean journalism, whatever…..

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan


HCN Propaganda Article for LibraryExhibit A

Thank You Email for Library PropagandaExhibit B

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Do you ever wonder why Kathy Cruz of the Hood County News continually defends the folks who work for the Hood County local government no matter what they do and how wrong they are?  Are the elected and appointed public servants in our county such big babies that they have to run to Truth Minister Cruz to have her take up for them every time somebody questions them about how they are wasting our hard earned money?  Apparently, any time one of our elected officials gets his panties in a wad, he calls up Truth Minister Cruz to have her come out here and beat up somebody via a newspaper hit piece.  Makes one wonder how much money the Hood County News receives from the county coffers each year.  It also makes one wonder whether Truth Minister Cruz is on the county payroll.

All of this certainly makes me wonder.  In nearly every edition of the HCN, Frau Cruz runs interference for our elected (and appointed) officials in this county.  And who is the Big Bad Wolf in her fairy tales?  Well – the Tea Party, of course, for one — and anyone else who actually demands that their public servants be – well – public servants.

Joseph G 1

“Shut up, stay home and don’t make waves” is the message drummed home by the Josephina Goebbels of Hood County, Frau Kathy Cruz.  This is made abundantly clear in her four (4) hit pieces she penned in the Saturday, April 16, 2016 edition of the HCN regarding open records.  Coming from one who constantly drones on about “tolerance” for “alternative” viewpoints, her message certainly displays a bit of intolerance for an alternative viewpoint counter to her own.  If I didn’t know any better, I would say the Orwellian Double-Speak Mistress has given us another bit of Orwellian double-speak.  You know — up is down, war is peace, good is bad, left is right, and local governments never waste the taxpayers’ hard-earned money – that kind of double-speak.

Now Truth Minister Cruz threatens the Hood County taxpayers (that’s us) with an increased tax burden because some folks have actually started to wake up to some of the corruption in this county and have started asking some pointed questions of our local elected and appointed officials regarding how they are spending our hard-earned money.  Some of these pointed questions are found in the form of open records requests submitted by some concerned citizens, including yours truly.  It’s funny, but Truth Minister Cruz decries certain folks for submitting open records requests to the county when she and her newspaper admittedly file more open records requests than anyone else in this county.  Kind of a double standard, don’t you think?  All I can submit to the citizens of Hood County is that Frau Cruz must think we are all a bunch of Comfortably Numb low information idiots who can be led around by the nose with any old propaganda Truth Minister Cruz bellows out in her slanted, twisted full-of-lies hit pieces.

Info Graphic 2

Don’t pay any attention to the $26,000,000 spent each year by our county commissioners; but do pay attention when a concerned citizen makes an open records request that might cost a few bucks (that the citizen should pay for, I might add).  Don’t pay any attention to the $11,000,000 YMCA boondoggle that will likely go over budget by more than $700,000; but do pay attention when a citizen goes up to commissioners’ court and calls the commissioners out for not videotaping the commissioners’ meetings so that citizens might have the opportunity to see what they are doing.  Don’t pay any attention to the quickly-becoming-a-dinosaur brick and mortar public library that costs the county more than $700,000 per year (which they are pushing to expand even as we speak); but do pay attention when a taxpayer objects to the placement of books that promote government sponsored social engineering against three-year olds.

Don’t pay any attention to the Granbury ISD spending $85,000,000 of taxpayer debt money on shiny new buildings and shiny new “equipment” while our children are woefully receiving second and third rate educations; but do pay attention when a concerned citizen has the audacity to ask a few questions about this out-of-control spending spree.  Don’t pay any attention when we pay a school superintendent nearly a quarter of a million dollars in annual salary and we keep loading up on the top side with school “Administrators” while our children are woefully receiving second and third rate educations and our teachers are being squeezed by an ever growing bureaucratic nightmare.  Don’t pay any attention to the constant debt-load they are loading onto our children and grandchildren; but do pay attention when a citizen goes to speak at a commissioners’ court only to be shouted down by our public officials.

Don’t pay any attention to the constant violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act by public bodies in this county; but do pay attention when the mean old Tea Party folks and other conservative Republicans try to vet candidates who claim they are Republicans and who put their names in the hat to run for public office.  Don’t pay any attention while the Hood County Appraisal District constantly raises our property values each year and the county commissioners constantly raise our tax rates to steal more or our hard-earned money through property taxes; but do pay attention when someone has the audacity to ask questions about how they are spending this money that does not belong to them.

Or course, I guess when you are Truth Minister Kathy Cruz of the HCN, it is okay for you to file numerous “onerous” open records requests at the county.  It’s just not okay for the average “Joe” out here to do that.  Hello? Is there anybody in there?  Just nod if you can hear me.  Is there anyone home?

The point is this.  They (our local government) do not like us asking them questions.  They (our local government) do not want us to hold them accountable.  They (our local government) do not like us to actually scrutinize how they are spending our hard-earned money they steal from us in the first place.  They (our local government) want us to stay home, shut up, and leave them alone to do whatever they please in the dark of their cigar-smoke-filled back rooms.

And if we don’t like it Mr. and Ms. John Q. Public – Well – they’ll just raise our taxes some more.  And if we don’t like that, Mr. and Ms. John Q. Public – Well – they’ll just sic their little pit bull with lipstick, Frau Cruz, a/k/a Truth Minister Cruz on us.

Shanghai“To make someone do something by force or tricks.” (Webster’s Dictionary).  Do you think our local government has been Shanghaied?  It certainly makes this writer wonder whether we are being forced to do something or tricked into doing something.  Our property taxes are certainly not something for which we have a choice, are they? Shanghaied.  Might be an appropriate descriptor after all.

Dave Eagle, April 18, 2016

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Hood County Budget Prep for 2017

Hood County Budget Prep for 2017 – Hood County TEA Party 04122016

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Hood County Commissioners Court – March 22nd, 2016

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Hood County Open Records – Sheriff Report on Tax Assessor Missing Funds

Sheriffs Report relating to missing funds 03222016

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February 2016 Meeting Video

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Is Hood County really reflective of Conservative Values? – Part II

Our second visit to the library was when things around here started to really get interesting for me. I found that the book, This Day in June, had been moved — from the top of the children’s new book carousel to the bottom shelf in the children’s picture book section – at eye level and in perfect reach for a little one!  At that point, I picked the book up and proceeded to check the book out.  During that same visit, the librarian informed me that the children’s librarian would REMOVE this book from the library if the library received one more complaint about the book.  Again, this is very important:  the librarian used the word, “REMOVE,” not me.  On more than one occasion, the librarian, led me to believe that “removing” the book was an option the library would consider.   Why would she use this terminology more than once if this was not an option?  Looking back, I have to wonder whether the library was setting me up from the very beginning.   The librarian also claimed that the children’s librarian knew nothing of the existence of this book – had “never seen it!”  Yet someone at the library had stamped the inside of the book, checked it in, put a binding on it and labeled it as children’s picture book.  However, based on the way the librarian and other personnel in the library acted, it appeared to me that no one at the library was even aware this book existed.  The children’s librarian to this date has never spoken with me about any of these books.  So, how did this mystery book just magically appear on center stage in the library neatly nestled into the children’s picture book section for all three-five year old children to see?

I was made me aware of a library form entitled,  “Reconsideration of Material Forms and Policy.”  This form is written by and produced by the library and handed to patrons on request.  It was explained to me that this form is supposed to be used by patrons to address any issue related to removing a book from circulation or relocating it within the library.  It was further explained that the “Reconsideration of Material Forms and Policy” document is provided to patrons as a means for citizens to express their opinions and concerns about materials located in the library.  (I was soon to learn that this form, in the hands of a librarian with an agenda, can be used as a weapon against any citizen who bother to spend the time to fill the form out and turn it in to the librarian).   I requested a copy of the form so that I could take it home and fill it out.

I also recalled there was another book in the library in the children’s picture book section, entitled My Princess Boy.   My Princess Boy is held out as a “true story” about a little boy who likes to wear girls clothing.  The book is touted that it “teaches” acceptance and tolerance of cross-dressing and “alternative lifestyles.”  A friend of mine had previously discussed this book with the lead librarian and shared her opinion regarding the inappropriateness of this book as a children’s picture book.   (At a later date, the lead librarian would lie that she had “never received a complaint about this book from anyone else” but me).  I decided to check this book out as well, since I felt compelled to show these books to other parents and ask for their respective opinions about the age appropriateness of the material presented in the two books.

I feel strongly that since our local public library is supported by Hood County taxpayers like me, and is totally operated on the taxpayer’s dollars taken out of their yearly property taxes, the tax paying citizens of Hood County have the right to know on what our money is being spent.  As a citizen and a taxpayer, I also feel strongly that we should be allowed to have a voice in what materials our very young children are exposed to and, but for our tax dollars being allocated to the county library, the Hood County Library may not exist!

I also wondered whether the citizens of Hood County knew that an openly LGBT agenda was being foisted upon their very young children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.?  Where in the Texas Constitution is the Hood County library granted the authority to usurp my rights as a parent and make these choices for me?  I also had a growing concern that what happened to my four-year old daughter might happen to someone else’s four-year old daughter or three-year old son.   This brings to mind a quote that I have carried with me by Patrick Henry:  “Bad men cannot make good citizens.  A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience are incompatible with freedom.”

Patrick Henry - Morals and Freedom

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Local Politics Turned Intimidation

Dear Members of the Hood County TEA Party,

Late last week it came to my attention that someone had decided to take their dislike of the TEA Party to a new low. They have distributed a flyer to various members of the TEA Party regarding personal matters of our Vice President, Dave Eagle.

First and foremost let us be clear. We have inside sources that have given us clear indication of who is behind this low personal attack.  While the last election cycle saw some intense political discourse it has never attacked anyone at the personal level.  As far as we at the Board are concerned this is a blatant attempt to intimidate and silence the TEA Party.  There is a stark difference between making someone seeking elected office’s Record clear for the public and attempting to smear a private citizen personally.  It also re-enforces our belief that certain elected officials in Hood County are not fit to hold elected office.

Second, I have discussed this with the Board, and this is our conclusion. You will find no greater patriot than Dave Eagle.  He runs a small business and is putting countless hours 7 days a week into that business.  That being said he has dedicated hundreds of hours of his personal time into free legal analysis and advice relating to trying to restore our Liberties that are being rapidly eroded at the local level as well as the Federal Level.  He has not taken nor asked for one penny in compensation for all those efforts.  He does it out of an extreme desire to leave a better country to his grandchildren than what we have currently.

Lastly, I would close with these thoughts. You could find neither better friend nor patriot than Dave Eagle.  As the Board of the Hood County TEA Party we have unwavering confidence in him and his dedication to making this a better county and country.  To those who think that this type of attack will go unanswered please be put on notice we will now redouble our efforts to shine the light of truth on political records and deeds that need serious scrutiny. Intimidation will not deter us nor silence us!

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan

President – Hood County TEA Party

Ayn Rand - Intimidation

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Incumbent County Attorney Ousted – Post Election Observations

The primary election is over and there were a couple of expected results and a couple of surprises on the local election front. In somewhat of a surprise, and certainly a pleasant surprise, Matt Mills defeated the incumbent Lori Kaspar in her bid for re-election to the office of Hood County Attorney.

Referring to the March 5, 2016 edition of the Hood County News, in what has become as predictable as the sunrise, Kathy Cruz penned a front page article with her spin on the race between Mills and Kaspar. Of course, Cruz was unable to resist the temptation to cast certain innuendoes regarding the Tea Party and Matt Mills.

Whatever the case, shortly after the election, Lori Kaspar emailed a statement to the Hood County News bemoaning her allegation that Matt Mills “ran a dirty campaign” and “chose to attack [Kaspar] personally and professionally.” This statement reminds me of the story in the Bible where the Pharisees brought a woman to the temple and accused her of being caught in the act of adultery. You may recall that Jesus said to the Pharisees, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone.”

Although Ms. Kaspar quickly took down her campaign website and her election Facebook page immediately after the election, if one had the chance to see her never-ending negative postings and rants against Mr. Mills, one would have seen that Ms. Kaspar did nothing but attack Mills personally and professionally. If she thinks in her own mind that she ran a “clean campaign” compared to Mills, it just goes to show you the double standard by which she lives. Additionally, Mills merely called Kaspar out on legitimate issues based on facts in the record if you cared to glean the facts. On the other hand, her postings against Mills were just emotional, unsubstantiated hit pieces.

To add insult to injury to Mills, many of the folks who work for (worked for, I should say) Lori Kaspar in the County Attorney’s office jumped on the bandwagon to attack Matt Mills, calling him vicious names and slandering him without providing any support whatsoever for their attacks. I am sure these folks do not have to worry about whether Matt will keep them on the payroll after he assumes his duties in office – NOT . . .

Yes, Mills did point out some major short comings of Ms. Kaspar, including her incompetent handling of the library controversy related to the homosexual-themed children’s picture books from last summer and her total botching of the County Clerk’s First Amendment stand against issuing a marriage license to two homosexuals who venue-shopped to find a county clerk like Katie Lang to punish for having the audacity to stand up for her First Amendment religious freedom.

By the way, Kaspar continues to refuse to produce emails to me via an open records request I submitted a couple of weeks ago. The emails I requested are emails she sent to the two homosexuals’ Austin attorney who spearheaded the lawsuit against the county and the county clerk. It appears that Kaspar believes that communication with an opposing counsel is somehow cloaked in the attorney work product privilege. I am unsure why she does not want us to see these emails since she admitted to me shortly after a Hood County Republican Club meeting last summer that she contacted Jan Soifer, the Austin lawyer, and begged Soifer to “be gentle with the county.” By the way, this is called backing into a settlement negotiation with your pants down and your checkbook out.

As you may recall, ultimately, a slipshod settlement was shot-gunned through the system in less than a month by Ms. Kaspar and her co-conspirators in the Commissioners’ Court. You may also recall that they all blamed Katie Lang for their own incompetence. Kathy Cruz was more than happy to fan the flames of discontent to the low information voters out there in her lie-reporting she placed in the HCN.

Whatever the case, I speculate that the emails Kaspar does not want us to see may be a “smoking gun” that could lead to her own set of legal problems for revealing to opposing counsel confidences she received during her representation of the county. These problems could range from ethical violations of several provisions of the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Conduct to potential malpractice allegations. As I have posed the question in prior writings and you may now be asking this question yourself, “What in the world is the County Attorney trying to hide?”

Anyway, getting back to Kathy Cruz, in her March 5th article, Cruz goes on to report that she spoke with the “Commissioners’ Court” about Kaspar’s loss to Matt Mills. You should feel comforted to know that the members of the Commissioners’ Court, to this day, “indicate confidence in the guidance they received from Kaspar over the censorship controversy and a county lawsuit over same-sex marriage licenses.” This “confidence” factor comes straight from the “not having a clue” to one who proved that she did not have a clue. For some reason, the song, “Three Blind Mice” just popped into my head.

[I further note that, once again, Kathy Cruz tags the library issue from last summer as a “censorship controversy” rather than a “fundamental right to parent” controversy. It appears that Cruz will never stop with her progressive, Orwellian spin on what really happened last summer regarding children’s picture books that depict homosexual behavior as “normal” and a lead librarian who opportunistically took advantage of a situation to advance her own LGBT agenda.]

To conclude, I have indicated on many prior occasions that the only way to deal with elected officials who refuse to do the right thing is to make them pay the ultimate price at the ballot box and send them back to the private sector. Regrettably, James Deaver managed to “home town” his opponent in the race for County Commissioner, Precinct One, and we may be stuck with him for another four years. However, Lori Kaspar paid the price. She is soon to be gone and released back to the private sector.

Now it is time to start getting ready for the next election in 2018. We are not done. We have only just begun.

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The Solution — Molly Criner, Katie Lang and Rosa Parks

I ran into one of our local elected officials recently and during our brief conversation, he immediately began to wring his hands and whine and complain about how the federal government has tied his hands and the state government has tied his hands (I am sure his wife has tied his hands as well or at least hand-cuffed him, but I won’t go there) and all he can do is abide by their respective edicts and decrees and dictates and there is nothing he can do and woe is me, woe is me, woe is me, what can I do, what can I do, what can I do?  (Sounds like the chorus of a sad country song, doesn’t it?).

Well, Mr. Local Elected Official, I have the solution for you.  Molly Criner, Katie Lang and Rosa Parks.  Please allow me to explain.

When all the commotion ensued last summer in the wake of the infamous Obergefell opinion, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued Attorney General Opinion No. KP-0025 on June 28, 2015.  Unfortunately for Ms. Lang, she went with Ken Paxton’s Attorney General opinion to stand on First Amendment religious grounds as her argument against issuing same sex “marriage” licenses.  Of course, you know the rest of that story.  Two homosexuals went straight to the Hood County Clerk and requested a marriage license, were denied, and they and their Austin based LGBT attorney immediately filed a Declaratory Judgment Action in federal court in Fort Worth, Texas.  In my opinion, the First Amendment religious conviction argument as a stand alone argument was a weak legal argument from the get-go.  The Austin attorney knew it and, like a vulture, swooped in and grabbed up quick settlement pickings from the intellectual giants who run Hood County, who proved to be more than willing accomplices to the Austin-based lawyer’s hasty settlement boondoggle.  As I have pointed out before, time was NOT on the homosexuals’ side, hence the rush to settlement.  It turned out to be nothing more than a political ploy by the Hood County Commissioners and the Hood County Attorney to throw Katie Lang under the bus as quickly as they could and then play the blame game against Ms. Lang.

Speaking of buses, Ms. Rosa Parks, a famous Civil Rights activist from the 1950’s, during a period of deep segregation in the southern United States, refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery, Alabama bus on December 1, 1955.  She absolutely “broke the law” at that time.  She was later arrested for this act of civil disobedience and thrown in jail.  Looking back at her actions, there is no question that it was the right thing to do and history has supported Ms. Parks’ actions.  This act of defiance, during a time of predominant white supremacy in the south, helped launch efforts all over the country to end segregation in public facilities.  I can still remember to this day going to Striplings department store in Fort Worth, Texas with my grandmother and seeing public water fountains and public restrooms that had signs over the doors stating “White Only” and “Colored Only.”  The implications of those events of those days by Ms. Rosa Parks and other brave souls are of indisputable heroic proportions related to the Civil Rights of all persons, black, white or otherwise.  Much can be learned from those courageous purveyors of individual liberty and freedom of that era.  Much can also be learned from these acts of civil disobedience when one stands on principle in spite of what the ones in power say is “the law.”

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Kathy Cruz of the Hood County News — Oh the Irony

Recently, a friend of ours read Melanie Graft’s posting on the Hood County Tea Party’s website entitled, “Is Hood County Really Reflective of Conservative Values?”  This piece is the first installment of Mrs. Graft’s account of what happened when, last May, while she and her children were visiting the Hood County Library, her four year old daughter picked up a children’s picture book that openly displays and promotes homosexual behavior to young children.  This seemingly minor incident grew into one of the bigger local stories of 2015 – the Great Public Library Caper, I’d call it.  In her piece, one of Melanie’s observations is the fact that, to this day, Kathy Cruz of the Hood County News never one time attempted to contact Melanie to hear Melanie’s side of the story.  You may recall that, contrary to Kathy Cruz’s propagandistic “censorship” mantra on the issue, the real issue was about the Right to Parent and also the right to be free of government-sponsored social engineering directed at innocent young children.  All of this in spite of the Rainbow Jihad’s vicious attacks spearheaded by Kathy Cruz and her ilk, including a lead Librarian with an LGBT agenda.

Upon reading Melanie’s side of the story, our friend emailed Kathy Cruz of the Hood County News to inquire why she or anyone else with the Hood County News did not bother to contact Mrs. Graft to hear Mrs. Graft’s side of the story.

Interestingly, Kathy Cruz returned a long winded rant back to our friend.  Since a good journalist, as opposed to a spin artist, does the best he/she can to present a newsworthy event in as unbiased a fashion as possible, I think it prudent to allow Ms. Cruz to be heard from directly.  As such, and in the spirit of unbiased journalism, instead of paraphrasing Ms. Cruz’s remarks, I will simply reprint them here for your review so that you may come to your own conclusions about the content.  In addition, since Ms. Cruz likes to deconstruct letters to the editor sent to the Hood County News, I thought that I’d return the favor.  My comments will follow each Cruz paragraph in bold italics:

  1. ___________:

I would be happy to address your question. The reason I never contacted Mrs. Graft is because I did not need to. I routinely cover commissioners court meetings, including the meetings at which Mrs. Graft and other Tea Party members publicly stated their views. One such meeting lasted three hours and 15 minutes. Their statements were well represented in the story. It is not reasonable to expect a reporter covering a public meeting to later phone everyone who spoke at that meeting for further comment. What would be the point?

This paragraph is a classic example of a “Dodge and Redirect” tactic.  Notice how Cruz dodged the specific question: Why did you not interview Melanie Graft?  (Melanie Graft would have been the only other party to the original incident other than the librarian.  As such, the only other eyewitness other than the librarian from whom one could obtain the facts of the matter was Mrs. Graft).  Cruz then redirects her answer to a general umbrella answer that includes everyone who spoke at the 3.25 hour commissioners’ court meeting some two months after the original incident and several weeks after Kathy Cruz had already published articles regarding the library issue.  All of these folks would have only been expressing their respective opinions based totally on hearsay, and many such opinions would have been based on Kathy Cruz’s lies in her prior newspaper articles.  As Cruz so correctly states, “What would be the point?”

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Is Hood County really reflective of Conservative Values?

I am sure you have heard about the “Hood County Library” homosexual children’s picture book controversy from last summer. By this point, you may be tired of hearing about it.  However, have you heard the truth?  Not very likely since Kathy Cruz of the Hood County News only reported the former librarian, Courtney Kincaid’s, LGBT side of the story.  Cruz reported and wove a tangled web of untruths and lies about the other side of the story – my side.  Just for the record, Kathy Cruz, to this day, has never attempted to contact me to hear my side of the story.


I still believe, contrary to what the Hood County News and even some elected officials want us to believe, that we are a conservative community that generally believes in the principles in the Bible and the Constitution.  So I believe the time has come for me to share the “rest of the story” — my side of the story.  This isn’t just my story, this is also my 4-year old daughter’s story.  This story is the reason we must, as parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc. be on constant guard and be ready and willing to stand in defense of our children, no matter the cost.  We must take a stand for parental rights right now, or forever lose them to the “politically correct” mainstream.


Our story began in May of 2015 at the Hood County Library. My daughter and I was on one of our routine visits to the children’s picture book section of the library.  I was holding her on my hip when she picked up a brightly colored book entitled, This Day In June and proceeded to open it.  She happened to open the book to a page that depicted two men kissing and quickly proceeded to question me about it.  I discovered that this was a children’s picture book recommended by the American Psychological Association for ages 4-8. It is a book depicting an LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender) pride parade.  It is very detailed in all aspects of the LGBT lifestyle. I might add that this book was on the very top of their new children’s picture book display — very proudly advertised for all to see.

This Day In June

I could not comprehend why this book would be in the children’s picture book section as it was sexually explicit and political in nature. Had this book been about heterosexual sex, I would have been just as perplexed. We don’t discuss sexual issues at the age of 4-8 in my family. I did not say a word when we first found this book.  I was very upset and as a Christian felt it best to come home and pray about the matter.  I also tried to “convince” myself that this was simply not “my” problem.  Surely “someone else” would say or do something about this.  I prayed about this the rest of the day and into the entire night.  After much prayer and soul searching about this, I became convinced I needed to say something.  That’s when things around Hood County got interesting.


The next day, I returned to the library and approached the librarian and shared my concerns regarding a book targeted at three-five year old children that openly depicted homosexual behavior. I explained that I found the book to be age inappropriate as well as sexually explicit and exploitative for young children.  As a parent, I explained, I was robbed of the opportunity to decide if and when I would explain homosexual behavior to my daughter!  My daughter found this and at the age of 4, I was left to explain homosexuality long before we ever even discussed the birds and bees.  This robbed an important and fundamental parental right from us, one we take very seriously.  Additionally, it robbed us of our daughter’s innocence all in the very small time it took her to open that book and look at the images on the pages of the book.  Once something like this is taken how can it ever be restored?  It simply cannot!  As a concerned parent, this enrages me to this very day!


The other side will tell you this is an innocent book that “teaches tolerance for alternative lifestyles.” I wholeheartedly disagree with this assessment.   It simply does not!  It’s much more devious and destructive than that. The librarian proceeded to tell me that she would show the book to the children’s librarian and it would either be removed or moved. Those are important words to remember.  I never spoke those words.  They did.  I was led to believe from the beginning and on more than one occasion that they were considering moving or removing the book.


At some point, the Librarian handed me a form from the library’s files entitled “Request for Reconsideration Form.” She told me to go ahead and fill out this form and bring it back to the library.   I must emphasize that this form is THEIR form, generated by THEM and authored by THEM.  It is apparently handed to any given patron who has any issue with any given item in the library.   You won’t believe what happened to me after I took that form home and filled it out.


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Brave New World, Sleep Teaching and Dog Squeeze

Brave New World

It is indeed a brave new world.  Last Sunday morning I was out walking the dog and musing about life when I suddenly realized I had forgotten to bring some paper with me to pick up the dog squeeze.  Panic stricken, I knew this could be a major dilemma if I didn’t come up with something quick.  Lo and behold, I looked down, and there, lying in some toxic waste in the gutter, was a copy of the Hood County News.  I breathed a sigh of relief knowing how lucky I was to find the perfect receptacle for picking up the material that came out of my dog’s business end.  After all, I thought, the stuff I am getting ready to pick up will blend right in with what is written in that trash rag.

After picking up the newspaper, I noticed that it was the Saturday, February 6, 2016 edition.  As I was opening up the newspaper to contort it into the proper configuration to use as a “pooper scooper,” I happened to open it to page 4A and noticed, under “Letters to the Editor” the headline, “Tea Party Arrogance.”

Well, that certainly got my attention since I am fully aware of how the left wing progressive Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton/George Soros backed commie media loves to trash the Tea Party.  The irony here is that the Hood County News, in spite of residing in one of the more conservative demographic areas of the country, is sadly an extension of CNN, MSNBC, Media Matters, MoveOn.org, and all the other left wing liberal spin artists.  “Every chance you get,” I thought.  The “Sleep Teaching” has taken full effect right here in Hood County.

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Hood County Public Servants Reminder

Notice on FOIA Requests

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What is the Hood County Attorney Hiding? What is the Hood County Local Government Hiding?

We recently submitted a few open record requests to our local government in Hood County, Texas.  Interestingly enough, even though the default position of the government should be to freely furnish information that is requested by citizens, the default position with the Hood County government is to send all requests to the county attorney first.  What does that mean?  One might be left with the impression, What in the world are they trying to hide?

To be fair, open, and transparent, below a few of the requests we submitted so you can see for yourself:

  1. Each and every email sent by Kathy Davis (a/k/a Kathy Davis-Deaver) to James Deaver from January 1, 2015 to the present.
  2. Each and every email received by Kathy Davis (a/k/a Kathy Davis-Deaver) from James Deaver from January 1, 2015 to the present.
  3. Hood County Employee Manual provisions regarding employee usage of the email system on Hood County owned computers.
  4. All non-privileged emails between Lori Kaspar and Kathy Davis-Deaver from January 1, 2015 to the present..
  5. All non-privileged emails between Lori Kaspar and James Deaver from January 1, 2015 to the present.

To refresh your memory, Kathy Davis-Deaver is our County Treasurer (the one who keeps our money), James Deaver is a County Commissioner (one who spends our money) and Lori Kaspar is our County Attorney (the one who is running interference for the former two officials).

For the record, the following Texas Government Code section spells out the policy with which the government is supposed to comply regarding requests for information:

   Sec. 552.001.  POLICY;  CONSTRUCTION.  (a)  Under the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of representative government that adheres to the principle that government is the servant and not the master of the people, it is the policy of this state that each person is entitled, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, at all times to complete information about the affairs of government and the official acts of public officials and employees.  The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created.  The provisions of this chapter shall be liberally construed to implement this policy.  (Emphasis added).


(b)  This chapter shall be liberally construed in favor of granting a request for information.


“Liberally construed in favor of granting a request for information . . . “  What does ‘liberally construed” mean?  It means, if in doubt, the government is supposed to give it up.

The five (5) requests, above, simply ask for email communications between folks who are using government owned computers and government communication systems during the time they are on the job.  The computers, the communication systems and the employees themselves are paid for by your tax dollars.  These employees have no “expectation of privacy” any time they use the government system to email back and forth to each other.

Before we go any further, let us explore the “no expectation of privacy” concept.  If you take a look at the Hood County Employee Manual, a manual that is quite lengthy, you will find that all employees are actually informed in writing they have no expectation of privacy when communicating with each other while they are on the job.  In addition, the employees are required to sign a statement acknowledging they understand they have “no expectation of privacy” when using the government email system.  (See “Hood County Responsible Use Technology Agreement for Employees.”  Under the heading “PRIVACY,” it states – “No one can claim a right to privacy and to unrestricted speech in the use of the county’s systems.”).  What that means is that when they are at work, on the clock, and doing the work they are hired to do, whatever email communications going back and forth between employees should be limited to work-related communications and should be open and available to the public at all times.  Since all their communications are supposed to be work-related, all, not some, but all of that information should be freely discoverable by the public on request.  It is too bad for them if someone decides to go rogue on her emails and starts asserting things she doesn’t really want the open public to see.

For your reading pleasure, I reprint in part an email I received from the Hood County Attorney, Lori Kaspar, expressing the county’s stance regarding some of our requests for records.  Included is her excuse as to why the county is refusing to produce said records:

Dave – I got the CD with the emails you requested on it from our IT Department today.  I’ve been reviewing it for the past several hours because there are close to 1000 emails to review.


There are several emails that I believe contain information confidential by law including employee health information protected by HIPAA. I am also waiting on an answer from our Personnel office regarding whether one employee has requested confidentiality of her personal information or not.  I should have a reply by tomorrow.


I’m redacting the protected info and will have a redacted disk ready either tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday.  I’m sending copies of both the complete and the redacted files to Attorney General Paxton for his review.


Just so you know, the County Attorney “redacted” nearly half of the 1,000 documents that were responsive to our request.  Half of them. That’s 50 percent of them.  In a society that expects its government to be an “Open Government” and transparent government, we should receive 99 percent of the information and documents we request, not 50 percent.  I put this out there because you, the public, need to know that some folks in our government apparently do not want us to see what they are doing.  You are free to draw your own conclusions as to the implications this presents.

Of course, Hillary Clinton decided that some 55,000 of her emails were “confidential” as well and did not want to give them up even though they were emails directly related to her position and her job.  Why did Hillary Clinton not want to give up the 55,000 emails at issue?  Because there may be information on those emails that could very well get her indicted for criminal activity, criminal activity that she may have been involved in while she was allegedly in the course and scope of her job as the Secretary of State.  If she were to be indicted for some sort of criminal acts, it could lead to her eventual conviction for the same acts.  “Indictments” and “convictions” are concepts I know our county attorney is quite familiar with.

So, I will close as I opened, What in the world are they trying to hide?

Would you like to know what they are trying to hide?  I would.  Stay tuned.  We are going to give it a go to find out exactly what they are hiding.

Dave Eagle, February 1, 2016

Vice President Hood County TEA Party


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“Setting the Record Straight – Homosexual Agenda Children’s Picture Book Issue – Hood County Public Library”


Exodus 18:21“Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens.

Preface:  Since our County Attorney has opted to go toe to toe with me on the issue of Government Sponsored Social Engineering as related to two children’s picture books that advocate the homosexual lifestyle to three-four year old children, below is my response to her Blog Post dated January 16, 2016 entitled “There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch – Setting the Record Straight on the Library Issue.”  I think a better tag for her piece would be “—Setting the Record Gay on the Library Issue,” but that’s just me.

Parenthetically, I find her “free lunch” comment to be quite an insult coming from a person who receives her paycheck from tax payers’ hard earned money, but I’ll shut up about that and move on to the issue at hand . . .

First of all, please allow me to “set the record straight” on the underlying facts.

Orwell 1

Number One:  Contrary to the Orwellian spin constantly advanced by the Hood County News, the ultimate issue was not about censorship or banning books, it was about the placement of the books in the library as applied to age appropriate material.  Ironically, at the end of all the hoopla, the then county librarian, Courtney Kincaid, decided to move one of the books, This Day in June, to the adult section of the Hood County Library and leave one of the books, My Princess Boy, in the children’s picture book section of the Hood County Library.  As far as I know, at least as of the date of this writing, this is still the situation at the library with regard to these two books.  Can anyone here spell, I-N-C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T?

Number Two:  By the way of background material, I will note here that prior to July 2015, the county commissioners had granted this librarian absolute authority to bring in whatever books she wanted, whenever she wanted, put them wherever she wanted, and then ridicule and call out taxpaying users of the library if they disagreed with her.


In her January 16, 2015 blog post, the County Attorney takes the position that the law is “well-settled” in support of her position that the county would have violated federal law had the librarian moved two children’s picture books that advocate the homosexual lifestyle to very young children from point “A” to point “B” in the Hood County Library.  I guess this begs the first question to ask your County Attorney.  If the law is as “well settled” as she claims it to be, what was their legal basis to move one book and not move the other book?  As has been noted by others, this is kind of the “elephant in the room” that no one seems to see from their side of the bleachers.  The second question to ask is, Why did the County Attorney rely on federal case law to control over a local Texas public library that is paid for by local Texas citizens with local Texas money?

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Traditional Marriage in Texas, States Rights and The Future of Same Sex Marriage in Texas

Article 1 of the Texas Constitution spells out Texas’s “Bill of Rights.”  Article 1 is made up of some 34 sections.  These 34 sections outline the basic rights that Texans have demanded throughout the decades.  Article 1, Section 32, represents what the super majority of Texans believe is the legal definition of “marriage” in Texas.  To present this to voters, a joint resolution from the Texas Senate and the Texas House had to be passed by at least a 66 percent margin.  Once the joint resolution was passed by both houses, it had to be placed on the ballot to be voted on by Texas voters.  75 percent of Texas voters, an overwhelming majority by any measure, ratified this “sanctity of marriage” amendment in 2005.

Article 1, Section 32. MARRIAGE.  (a)  Marriage in this state shall consist only of the union of one man and one woman.

(b)  This state or a political subdivision of this state may not create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to marriage.  (Added Nov. 8, 2005).

On June 26, 2015, a band of lawless, political activists in the US Supreme Court issued their unconstitutional “opinion” if the Obergefell case (see Obergefell v. Hodges, 135 S.Ct. 2584 (2015).  This case is one of the most illegally decided, unfounded in the Rule of Law, baseless, shameless, constitutionally incorrect abominations to have ever come from the totally-disconnected-from-reality Supreme Court justices who reside in their ivory tower located in Fantasy Land.  Four of the nine justices dissented, so, it boiled down to one activist judge – one man – Justice Anthony Kennedy, with the hubris to purportedly dictate how he thinks marriage is to be defined by each and every state in the United States to apply to each and every citizen of the United States.  He alone has found in the Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment what its authors and everyone since did not: homosexual “marriage” is a constitutional right.

As noted by some of the dissenters in this case, this case may serve as the final blow against States Rights in this country.  This, in spite of the fact that the federal government in theory is supposed to be “bound by the chains” of the US Constitution with all powers not expressly delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.  (See Amendments IX and X, US Constitution).

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Open Letter to Elected Officials at the December 22nd Hood County Commissioners Court

Jim Logan – President Hood County TEA Party

January 4, 2016

December 22nd, 2015 should be an important day for all Hood County Residents. It is the day that marked the citizen’s loss of the right to petition your local government for redress of grievances. As one citizen present stated ‘it was an incredible display of ignorance.’ I would take it a step farther. It was an ‘incredible display of ignorance and tyranny!’

The Hood County TEA Party has been investigating the numerous failures in how the Hood County Library is mismanaged. One of our members, Dave Eagle, noted that the method of appointment of Library Advisory Board members was flawed, lacked transparency, and may in fact violate state code.

Dave and I, as is our Right ingrained in the Texas State Constitution Article 1 Section 27, petitioned our respective County Commissioners, Steve Berry and Jeff Tout for a court hearing to address these issues. We were led to believe that on December 22nd we could speak to address those concerns. When the agenda was announced not only did they ignore our request they were moving forward to appoint a replacement candidate to the Library Advisory Board under the same flawed system of appointment that was used previously. The incestuous Library Advisory Board picks their desired candidate and the Commissioners Court rubber stamped it.

As was our right to Free Speech, Dave and I protested the appointment in open court. The result of this was even more disturbing than the refusal to address our initial concerns. In a display of arrogance that would have made the Soviet Union’s Stalin proud, Commissioner Berry challenged me in open court that I was not serious about participation in the Library because I did not fill out the Library Advisory Board application and he mocked my concerns over the providing personal data to a clearly out of control Library Director. ( Remember when local resident, Melanie Graft, questioned the Library Director she was attacked personally in the local media by the Library Director and her minions) While I suspect not truly schooled in Saul Alinsky tactics to the level of Barack Obama I think the progressive left would’ve been proud of Mr. Berry’s attack on the messenger instead of addressing the issues. But alas it did not stop there with our County Elected officials. Our County Treasurer took to Facebook to question our Right of Free speech by again not addressing the issues but attacking us as evil, unprofessional, and lacking proper respect for the ‘Overlords of the County’ our County Commissioners and I assume by extension her. She hypocritically asked her minions to pray for Dave and myself. I would challenge that publicly with this:

  • Is she praying for the children that go into the library and are exposed to the blatant mainstreaming of the Homosexual Agenda without their parents consent?
  • Is she praying for the taxpayers that are forced to support the mainstreaming of the Homosexual Agenda against their will?
  • Is she praying for the Commissioners who in open court professed ignorance and indifference as to which state codes govern the Library but proceed undaunted with it’s poor oversight?
  • Is she praying for her husband for not recusing himself when voting for tax increases and then a raise for himself AND his wife? (A true ethics violation that would not be permitted in the private sector but is seemingly ‘legitimate’ to our Commissioners Court and the County Treasurer!)
  • Is she praying for her husband, who has misled the public on a YMCA project that is already paying out funds that were not planned for to the tune of approximately $600,000 or more?

I will close with this. The Library issue was a string that most taxpayers would not have thought to pull on because it seemed to minor. Well once we pulled on this string it has led down a rabbit hole that has exposed on a small scale how poorly our county is run and the level of arrogance of elected ‘public servants’ that is truly appalling. If you look at this small issue and then apply it across the board to all the other areas they are involved in you can imagine to what extent it is being mismanaged. And I would pose these quotes to the hypocrite elected officials who try and hide behind a false support of Christian values:

Bonhoeffer Quote 1

And this…….

GK Chesterton

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December 2016 Monthly Meeting – Christmas Dinner

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November 2016 Monthly Meeting

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October 2016 Monthly Meeting – Article V Convention of the States

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September 2016 Monthly Meeting

Hood County TEA Party September 2016 Flyer Graphic Final

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