Concerned About Election Integrity – – Here’s what to do!

Concerned about election integrity? Have you heard about potential incidents of votes flipping on electronic voting machines, or glitches? What if it happens to you?!? What do YOU do about it?


If something doesn’t look right on the machine while you are voting: 

  1. Call the Election Judge over immediately to address the issue. Problem solved? Great! No farther action needs to be taken. Not solved? See #2.
  2. Let the Election Judge know that you would like to report the irregularity. (Document the number of the troubled machine for reporting.) *Ask to cancel your vote on that machine and to vote on another machine.

What else should you do?

  1. Call your Hood County Election Administrator to report the issue:

Jenise Miller

Elections Administrator

County Voter Registrar

Ph: (817) 408-2525


…. Follow up.

2.  Call your Hood County Republican Party office to report the issue and ask what their procedure is to resolve, or report, it.

    Contact Information

PH: 817.573.1944


3.  Call the RPT Election Integrity Hotline: 512-766-4597

4.  Report the incident to the TX Secretary of State.


       Phone Numbers 1.800.252.VOTE (8683) 512.463.5650

5.  If you want to take it a step farther, report it to the TX Attorney General‘s office.

      Main Agency Switchboard

(512) 463-2100

*Document, document, document! Who, what, when, where, and how…. then follow up.

Check out the Republican Party of Texas Ballot Integrity Manuel for more information!

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