Exposing the Lilliputians of Hood County….now known as Social Media Trolls and their Minions

Some of you may have read Gulliver’s Travels in high school or seen the various screen adaptations in the past but some may not have forgotten one of the points Jonathan Swift was making with the story.

One of the unique terms to come out of the book was Lilliputians.

By the time Jonathan Swift had finished Book I there was a stark contrast drawn between the diminutive, petty, and sometimes vicious politician (Lilliputian) and the normal but sometimes gullible person (Gulliver). The politician was always portrayed as the midget in contrast to Gulliver.

Its focus was to denote how petty and small the politicians had become in relation to the average person. Well since the Hood County TEA Party has become more active in local political issues the premise of Jonathan Swifts book has played itself out tenfold. There has been no more glaring example of this than the recent decision by the Hood County TEA Party’s VP, Dave Eagle’s decision to run for G.I.S.D. School Board.


Over the course of the two years I have been in Granbury, I have not seen Hood County Commissioner – Precinct 3, Jeff Tout, attend any Republican Club meeting. I have not seen him hold one town hall to discuss his decision to vote in favor of raising spending $1 million per year for Hood County government, increase salaries of the Commissioners, or a sundry of other potential topics. No, he has opted instead to hope to go unnoticed as an obvious failure to the constituents who elected him to represent them.

It has become clear that while I and others in the TEA Party have been expressing their God Given rights, that are protected in the Texas Constitution, to petition for redress of grievances, Commissioner Tout is under the delusion that we (and specifically myself) are just complaining unnecessarily. From his commentary I gather that he assumed once elected his constituents were just supposed to set back and ‘wait to see what he passed for us’ in order to find out how much good it was for us. (reference to Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare) How do I know that? Well after two years of hiding from the public he promised to ‘serve’ he took to Social Media last week and over this past weekend in an attempt to ridicule Mr. Eagle and myself.

As most are aware, and Mr. Eagle has publicly admitted, he made a mistake that he regrets deeply. Mr. Eagle is a small business man. As part of that business he holds demonstrations on his product. He arose very early to prepare for an event and at the event he drank alcohol that was served as part of that event. The event ended late in the evening and Mr. Eagle unfortunately did not realize the extent to which exhaustion and alcohol had impaired him.

While I in no way condone drinking and driving I do recognize that our justice system in the United States is predicated on circumstances surrounding events and justice is predicated on accepting the punishment for a mistake. Mr. Eagle had never previously had an issue with drinking and driving in almost 50 years of driving. Fortunately, no one except Mr. Eagle was harmed in this instance. Mr. Eagle has accepted and complied with the courts required punishment.

That being said it was clear from the Lilliputian, Jeff Tout, his intent was to use fallacious logic in an attempt to smear Mr. Eagle and by extension the TEA Party and by extension, I believe, myself.

He and one of his minions were delighted that I had posted the policy about the TEA Party endorsing candidates. This somehow was a repudiation of Mr. Eagle. It was in no way intended to be that. It was clearly a statement of our policy and a clarification of where we were at as an organization. A lot of it centered around Mr. Shackelford as well. It is my belief, that a part of the Lilliputian world’s attempt to smear Mr. Shackelford was perhaps based on their false hope that his run for School Board was a result of him being a TEA Party member. He ran for School Board previously and had no interaction with the TEA Party and was basically not even acknowledged by the Lilliputians. Once he attended a couple of TEA Party meetings that all changed.

So where does that leave us at this moment in time? Well here are my thoughts on the issue. First and foremost, is that I would no sooner disavow Mr. Eagle than I would family. I have had the pleasure of working with him on several issues for the last two years. If nothing else, he is an ardent patriot and genuinely concerned about the country he is leaving to his grandchildren. Did he make a mistake? Yes. The bible tells us that God recognizes all men are flawed and prone to mistakes. Is Mr. Eagle a serial offender of the law or career criminal? Not even in the slightest. I suspect his bigger flaw might have been to assume that once he accepted the punishment for his mistake that he had redeemed himself in our overwhelming Christian community. He was unaware of the sheer number of Lilliputians that were in Hood County and how many minions they had helping them.

No, Lilliputian Tout, I would pose these questions to you:

Which is worse, a person who made a mistake and accepted his punishment to redeem himself or a person who swore an oath to protect the rights of his constituents and refused to do such on numerous occasions but kept taking the constituents money as payment for a service never rendered?
Is it worse to condone the use of taxpayer money being used to assist in the media campaign to smear a citizen of the county whose only offense was to assert her rights as a parent?
Is it worse to do a part time job for the taxpayer when you clearly have at least two other full time jobs and yet vote to increase your salary from the public to well above the median income of the hardworking taxpayer?
I could go on and on with Lilliputian Tout but I would prefer that Mr. Tout would instead of calling me (one of the people he is supposed to represent) a ‘coward’ behind the safety of his keyboard and computer screen accept my challenge to public debate any of the following topics:

My right to assert my God Given Rights to petition for redress of grievances
His failures in office to uphold his oath of office
The ethics of someone accepting punishment for a mistake vs failure to uphold your oath but taking the money anyway

I will be waiting Lilliputian Tout (although not holding my breath) for your response but alas the silence from it will be as deafening as your communication with your constituents throughout the four failed years of your ‘public service’.


Jim Logan

Hood County Precinct 3 Taxpayer / citizen of a republic not dictatorship

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